The new MacBook Pro is the easiest to repair since 2012

Following the launch of the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, iFixit left the first signs on the interior of the new Apple notebooks. Its news is very encouraging for those who want to repair their PC.

It is noteworthy that iFixit left only one puzzle What to expect from your review of the interior of the new MacBook Pro. Findings on the repair process for these products will be shared later.

It will be easier than usual to replace the battery of the MacBook Pro

The first information published by iFixit about the interior of the new MacBook Pro focuses on its battery. As reported, Apple has used a bundling process that is not seen in these products since 2012.

iFixit classifies new MacBook Pro batteries as “self-healing.” This is due to the use of “battery removal tabs” to secure this component inside the computer.

This means that Apple got rid of the glue to secure the MacBook Pro battery to the bottom of the laptop screen. In addition, this component is not trapped between the logic board of the laptop, which improves its repair.

The last time this entity saw a similar approach was in the MacBook Pro generation released in 2012. Nine years later, Apple again opted for a build process aimed at simplifying product review.

It remains to be seen if Apple has followed a similar path with the rest of the components that make up the new MacBook Pro, has the American company completely uncomplicated the disassembly of its new laptops?

The answer to this question will come once iFixit shares its final review of the interior of the new MacBook Pro, and that review will be published soon.

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