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A few days to celebrate Halloween, you cannot ignore a brief selection of the video game from Nintendo Switch ideal for spending All Saints’ Eve. Several well-known characters of the company have video games that are complemented by these dates.

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1. Mario Party Superstars

With the motto “Delve into the chilling land of terror“, Nintendo is promoting”Mario Party Superstars”Which premieres a Halloween motif. From Friday, October 29, users of this game will be able to visit the land of terror. The video game, which for Halloween has as antagonists the Boos and King Boo, will be released this month.

2. Luigi’s Mansion 3

A video game suitable for all ages and ideal for Halloween is “Luigi’s Mansion 3″. The saga that began on the Nintendo GameCube has now perfected the handling of narrative threads and story tension permanently.

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3. New Pokémon Snap

Few places are as chilling as a dark and damp cave. This Halloween, pluck up your courage and explore the karst depths of Quimbamba Cavern in New Pokémon Snap”Says Nintendo about the video game located in the Lensis region. Do not be confused by the paradisiacal aspect of this area, as there are several corners of the archipelago to which you will want to go alone.

4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its Halloween events

A video game that cannot be missing from this list is “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. This game recreates the day-to-day life of some islanders who change at the same rate as us. By this time, all the islands in this video game have pumpkins, special crafts made with Halloween in mind. In addition, there will be a central event, starring Soponcio, the head of this party that will appear on October 31 on the island.

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5. Metroid Dread

“Metroid Dread” was recommended by Nintendo itself as the ideal video game to spend Halloween. “Play the most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy this Halloween, take on the mechanical menace and clarify the truth about Parasite X in the storyline denouement of Metroid 2D”, Specifies the company.


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