Gigabyte anuncia su memoria RAM AORUS DDR5 @ 5200 MHz

Gigabyte anuncia su memoria RAM AORUS DDR5 @ 5200 MHz
Gigabyte anuncia su memoria RAM AORUS DDR5 @ 5200 MHz

After the hangover of Alder Lake launch, we continue to see more memory modules designed for Intel, and it is that Gigabyte announced its AORUS DDR5, memories that maintain the current market trend, which implies offering a configuration of two memory sticks of 16 GB capacity to offer a total of 32 GB at a frequency of 5200 MHz with latencies CL40 and requiring a voltage of 1.1v.

Basically, they are very standard modules, the basics that we can find today although they offer a copper cooling system with nanocarbon-coated aluminum low profile and there is no sign of RGB lighting. Unsurprisingly, its price was not announced.

“AORUS DDR5 32GB 5200MHz memory features a 16GB DDR5 XMP 5200MHz design to provide higher clock rates and performance than native DDR5 memory. With Gigabyte Z690 motherboards, you can further unlock clock throttling. memory to improve performance using DDR5 XMP Booster and XMP 3.0 User Profile. DDR5’s new On-Die ECC feature highlights bug fixes that can detect and correct the most common corruption of memory data to improve stability thereof.

In addition, the nanocarbon coated copper-aluminum heatsink can effectively reduce the heat generated by memories in high-speed operation, offering excellent performance and avoiding overheating instability.

“DDR5 XMP Booster” can detect the memory IC brand in BIOS settings to allow users to quickly choose between multiple built-in and preset memory overclocking profiles, increasing the speed of native DDR or XMP DDR memory. Additionally, “XMP 3.0 User Profile” allows users to create and store XMP profiles on their own to unleash extreme memory performance. “

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