New World players turn the game into a casino

New World players turn the game into a casino
New World players turn the game into a casino

New World continues to surprise locals and strangers. As divisive as opinions are about how the game evolves, users are doing things like, for example, turn entire servers into casinos. The interesting thing is that, in reality, there is no such mechanic per se.

Reddit user Soracaz explains how, on his server, Windsward has been converted into a casino, where at night, dozens of players gather to dice, betting exorbitant amounts of gold and rare materials.

How do the players bet?

But, how the bets work? According to the Reddit user, the dice emote to place the bet. But How do you avoid cheating? Bets start with both players exchanging to show they have the gold that are going to be played. Then the dice are rolled and, of course, the winner gets the bet.

Also they bet rare materials and other types of objects, which is leading to games in which high-rarity items and huge amounts of money change hands in the blink of an eye. Although it may seem innocuous, veteran players point out how this is a common practice in MMOs, and that can hide a system for launder money generated using bots, which can end up turning bets into a ban.

This practice, if generalized, could contribute to the gold devaluation problem in Aeternum. There are servers where users already resort directly to bartering instead of trading gold, the use of which has been quite limited.


World players turn game casino

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