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In the rural community Juan Francisco, to the west center of Yaguajay, a guerrilla camp was established that welcomed the rebels of the Invasive Column no. 2 “Antonio Maceo”, on his journey to western Cuba.

In a humble house, inhabited by the widower Tomasito Álvarez Álvarez and his seven children, the command of the column was established.

The house had been proudly a meeting point for the Popular Socialist Party, the Socialist Youth, and the July 26 Movement. This is how Román Álvarez Rodríguez, one of the sons of this revolutionary family, met Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán.

Like Román, Roberto Sixto Álvarez Rodríguez was a teenager. Together with other family members such as Rosalba, Romelia and Rosa, the brothers collaborated in various tasks, in order to serve the rebels of Column No. 2 led by Camilo.

In that house converted into a military command, the Álvarez Rodríguez family multiplied. In fact, they say that one of the sisters, Rosalba, was the girlfriend and future wife of the Lord of the Vanguard.

Today the house is part of the Cultural Historical Complex, Camilo Cienfuegos National Museum. All this and more is related by Roberto Sixto Álvarez Rodríguez.

He is 95 years old and has an impeccable memory. Pánfilo Gregorio Rodríguez Valdés was one of the brave men who made up Column no. 2 “Antonio Maceo”. On several occasions he agreed with Camilo, but he never imagined that his bearded appearance would lead him to be confused with that beloved Commander with the long beard and warm smile.

62 years after his physical departure, these are stories of men who closely knew an immortal character, made history, made a people: Camilo Cienfuegos.

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