Singer cheats on Toño Centella and steals a kiss during a spree in Pucallpa

Several singers got together in Pucallpa for the birthday of a notary named Pineda. At the party, they were present Tommy Portugal, Tony Rosado, Toño Centella, Leonard León And till Star Torres, as showed ‘Magaly TV, the firm’.

In the middle of the celebrations, Toño Centella was deceived by the singer Carlos Urresti, a former member of Papillón, whom he ended up kissing. He was recording with his cell phone when his kiss was stolen in front of the other artists.

In the images, you can see how those present laugh after seeing what happened. Far from being upset, Toño Centella laughs and continues singing. It should be noted that, in this celebration, Tommy Portugal and Estrella Torres were present, who continue to work together despite their breakup.

Estrella Torres and her model

During the program, Magaly Medina also showed statements from Estrella Torres, who is excited about the model Kevin Salas and revealed that she has already met his family.

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Singer cheats Toño Centella steals kiss spree Pucallpa

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