Trap singer “The Clown” is killed after assault on a hairdresser in Lo Espejo – Nacional

Trap singer “The Clown” is killed after assault on a hairdresser in Lo Espejo

The 26-year-old victim died after being shot in the head in the middle of a violent robbery. Tvn


The trap singer Francisco Orellana Ramirez, popularly known as “The Clown”, was assassinated during the night of this Wednesday in the middle of the assault on a hairdresser in Lo Espejo.

According to police records, the incident occurred around 9:00 p.m. at the premises located in Salvador Allende street, where Orellana himself was listed as the owner.

About five subjects arrived at the venue and began to assault all the customers who were there at that time, intimidating the 26-year-old artist to also take away a high-end vehicle.

However, in the midst of a struggle, one of the antisocials shot the victim in the head, who ended up dying while going to be transferred to the Barros Lucos hospital.

Vicente Torres, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Homicide SquadHe asserted that the whereabouts of those responsible are being investigated in addition to looking for the used car to reach the site of the event.

The police institution was in charge of the investigation to clarify what happened.



Trap singer Clown killed assault hairdresser Espejo Nacional

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