They claim that heavy rains will persist for at least 48 hours

They claim that heavy rains will persist for at least 48 hours
They claim that heavy rains will persist for at least 48 hours
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The heavy rains registered in the country will persist in the next 48 hours due to high activity in the intertropical convergence zone.

This was indicated this Wednesday by both Nicolás Maduro and Néstor Reverol, Minister of Public Works.


Reverol indicated that the occurrence of rains at the end of October responds to the effects of climate change that unbalanced the rainfall cycles.

He added that the downpours are being caused by the La Niña phenomenon.

He explained that this is due to the displacement of warm currents from the Pacific and the overheating of the waters of the Caribbean Sea. What generates more evaporation, causing more cloudiness, followed by heavy rainfall.

Reverol indicated that in the next few days the president of the Inameh will give more information about the weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the most recent Inameh weather advisory, published this Wednesday at 8:00 pm, reported convective nuclei of medium and large development, which evolve rapidly, causing rains or showers.

Likewise, electrical activity and wind gusts are recorded, mainly in Zulia, the Andes and the western and central plains.

Likewise, the forecast graph until midnight this Wednesday shows cloudy areas with rainfall, electrical activity and eventual gusts of wind in the national territory.

Graphic: Inameh

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