Xavi is the candidate, but he has things to solve

Xavi is the candidate, but he has things to solve
Xavi is the candidate, but he has things to solve

Xavi already points to Koeman’s replacement in the absence of some fringes to adjust, most in Qatar, a country where he makes a professional life as a coach and maintains an enviable record that has only grown despite some difficult moments in his first games. The former captain approaches his house again.

But nothing is rosy entirely, in fact the relationship between the coach and Laporta It was completely restored recently precisely as a prevention to this situation, which was sung a long time ago for the Barça club and itself Koeman, but finally the Lightning served as a catalyst to cut off the agony.

The first thing that will have to be made available to Xavi It will be participation in sports planning, which will not be absolute control because the position is German, a true expert on the subject, but it is likely that even all decisions would go through the former culé midfielder.

Second, medical care, with some trusted names on the table but at the same time the importance that this entails. Xavi He would be delighted to have the doctors he knows and proposes, but if the club can guarantee him at least the same performance with other names, he would not be closed to the possibility.

Finally, the scheme. Xavi knows more than anyone what he wants to play Barcelona But he also knows some football beyond established schemes and concepts, so if at any time he needs to present a variant he wants to be free to do so, although with the fundamentals that he will bring.

Bode well

Although Xavi He is not the most consecrated of coaches, it is true that he knows himself capable of leading the project in the future and patience, although not clearly mentioned, is an incentive that must be at least verbal in the contract, the one that two will sign men who know well what it is to build a Barcelona successful just as they did in the past.


Xavi candidate solve

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