Tourists denounce alleged discrimination at the Decameron hotel in San Andrés | Present

A tourist couple, a Colombian and a Spanish citizen denounced in On the radio that they were victims of discrimination by the staff of the Decameron MarAzul hotel in San Andrés.

Cesar Mendez and your partner They traveled from Spain to San Andrés for the dates of October 19-23.

Méndez told W Radio that he has been a Decameron partner for more than 15 years and his brother decided to make his marriage at the Decameron Marazul in San Andrés.

Invited 20 people between our family in Colombia and the family of his wife, who came from the United States, we all stayed at the hotel and the same chain organized the marriage. I have lived in Spain for 2 years and I was traveling with my boyfriend to the marriage, taking the opportunity to introduce him to the family. Our initial plan was to be from October 19 to 22, but the marriage was scheduled for the same October 22, so we decided to pay an additional night so as not to be rushed in the celebration. The additional night cost $ 780,000 COP, so our stay was defined from October 19 to 23. “Méndez recounted.

The Colombian says that he was with his Spanish boyfriend in the pool, along with his whole family (including children), when the hotel staff caught his eye.

On Thursday the 21st in the afternoon we were with my brother’s in-laws and part of my family in the pool. There were two children from both families there as well. I was with my boyfriend in the pool, sharing with everyone, with a treatment like any wedding couple with their family present. After a while we saw that the guest service manager approached the pool, with two hotel officials behind her, and called us aside in front of everyone, ”she said.

Everyone realized this. She bent down to talk to us still in the pool and told us that a guest had told them that our behavior bothered them, being a family hotel, with children in the pool, and asked us to stop (…). We inform you that we were not doing anything wrong. Our families came to our defense, stating that there were two 4-year-olds from both families with us. As soon as I told him that what he was doing was a crime in Colombia, his position changed, he told us that nothing had happened, and he withdrew, “Mendez said.

The Colombian told the W: “my mother was present and is a person who has had a difficult process with my sexual orientation because she has always feared that I would be rejected for it. This affected him a lot. Both families were offended and angry, my boyfriend was very angry, since being Spanish he had never experienced such rejection. I felt humiliated in front of my loved ones ”.

The next day, at 9:00 in the morning we went to ask for a refund of the additional night we paid because we had been discriminated against and we were not paying for that.. The manager gave us a lot of thought, told us that she had to climb it and stated over and over again that there was no discrimination, only that they had been biased with the position of another guest, “he added.

W Radio contacted Decameron and the vice president of human talent for this network, Mauricio Patiño, assured that the story took them with great surprise because it is the first case of claim or disagreement in this regard.

Patiño reported that he spoke with the staff of the Decameron MarAzul hotel who attended that case and they told him that some parents “felt uncomfortable” so they asked the couple to be prudent in excesses of affection.

The vice president said that the hotel is family friendly and the situation had nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the couple, since the same claim would have been made to a heterosexual couple.

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