Chapter 22 complete live, today October 27

Chapter 22 complete live, today October 27
Chapter 22 complete live, today October 27

In chapter 22 of The Chosen Granddaughter, Esther (Marcela benjumea) goes to visit Braulio in jail and asks for his place. In addition, he threatens to tell the truth about the plan with the Romans.

Juan Esteban (Carlos Torres) talks to his dad and tells him the real reason why he broke up with Vivian (Juliette Pardau).

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Rosa organizes a plan with her friends so that Juan Esteban returns with Vivian.

Luisa (Francisca Estévez) confesses to Florentino that it hurts him that Juan Esteban has forgotten about her. The man advises him to get it out of his heart.

In social networks, information about Juan Esteban and Vivian circulates.

Vivian is carried away by anger, steals a gun and points it at Diana. At that moment Juan Esteban arrives and tries to control his ex.

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Chapter complete live today October

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