MININT identifies victims of massive accident in Sancti Spíritus

MININT identifies victims of massive accident in Sancti Spíritus
MININT identifies victims of massive accident in Sancti Spíritus

Four people died yesterday due to a massive accident in the town of El Perico de Jatibonico, in the province of Sancti Spíritus. Agents from the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) exhaustively investigated the identity of those involved.

The sources told the Escambray newspaper that those who lost their lives were named: Arisleinnys Pérez Torres, 37 years old; Idalmis Fernández Rodríguez, 52 years old; Ángel Luis Echemendía Rodríguez, 55 years old and Rosa Martínez Suárez, 57 years old.

In the incident, in addition to the deceased, five other people were injured. Two of them remain reported as serious with danger to their lives.

The patients are hospitalized at the “Camilo Cienfuegos” Provincial General Hospital. Dr. Miguel Alexander Concepción López, specialist in the second degree of General Surgery and in charge of the care of the injured, offered details to the media about the state of the victims.

“Traction of the lower limb fractures has already been done by the Orthopedic service, in the operating room to one of the injured: Eugenia Rodríguez Betancourt, who also presented a pleural effusion for which she required a minimal low pleurotomy . It remains reported as serious, “said the doctor.

On the other hand, Marilín Domínguez Rodríguez, another of those injured, suffered a pulmonary contusion and rib fractures. The doctors had to perform a minimal high pleurotomy and she is admitted to the Intermediate Care Unit.

Of the remaining three injured, one remains admitted to the surgery room with a pulmonary contusion and a pneumothorax and has also undergone surgeries, although he remains stable. The other two individuals suffered multiple contusions, but are progressing favorably and, in the next few hours, they will be able to leave the hospital.

MININT authorities are still working to clarify the causes of the accident. In the incident, a moving truck from Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba, was projected against a similar vehicle, owned by the La Reforma cooperative, from Jatibonico. The latter went off the track and rushed over a highway bridge.


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