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The public prosecutor specialized in corruption crimes Javier Alonso Pacheco Palacios, requested to order the extension of the preliminary investigation against Mario Carhuapoma Yance, in his capacity as executive president of Essalud, against Roberto José Bedón, and against those who are responsible, for the commission of the crime against the public administration, in the form of incompatible negotiation.

According to the document sent to the prosecutor of the Second Provincial Corporate Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Corruption of Officials of Lima, which was accessed by Peru21, “by means of a complaint dated September 7, 2021, the Public Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Corruption, requested initiation of preliminary proceedings for the alleged commission of the crime against the Public Administration, in the form of influence peddling, to the detriment of Essalud – Peruvian state ”.

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In addition, it adds that it will analyze the possible criminal offenses that could be warned during the course of the investigation, against José Romero “on the basis of the journalistic information disseminated on Sunday, September 5, 2021 in the” Panorama “program.

“Where there are conversations between Romero and a person to be identified, where the defendant talks about the contacts he has with the different State Ministries and the plans he has for his interlocutor, offering him a job in Essalud as a supervisor of the security companies”, it is detailed in the trade.

Thus, it also takes into consideration the complaint of the former general manager of the entity, Martha Carolina Linares Barrantes, who resigned after learning of the situation.

“He released his resignation letter in which he denounced the irregular hiring of people by imposition of the executive president Carhuapoma without complying with the profiles required for the cadres or the procedures established by internal regulations.”

Along these lines, it is concluded that “from the facts presented, it is alleged that Carhuapoma had an undue direct or indirect interest in the hiring of personnel for said entity, for that purpose it would have had the participation of Roberto Bedón, in charge of receiving resumes and pressure those responsible for the areas to give their approval despite the fact that many are not documented or do not meet the requirements for the job. here it is presumed that the investigated José Romero – as personal advisor to the executive president of Essalud – would be the one in charge of attracting people by offering them jobs within the entity. actions of the defendants that would have caused damage to the Peruvian state ”.

Expansion of the complaint against Mario Carhuapoma. (Capture: PERU21)
Expansion of the complaint against Mario Carhuapoma. (Capture: PERU21)


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