The DGT reminds drivers of four things about the tunnel effect

The DGT reminds drivers of four things about the tunnel effect
The DGT reminds drivers of four things about the tunnel effect

In a traffic accident with inadequate speed, the probability of dying or suffering serious injuries is greater, since this variable is decisive, as confirmed by different studies. To this is added that excessive speed reduces the ability to react to any unforeseen event and causes the so-called tunnel effect, which in general means that as a driver’s head of vision goes faster, it decreases inversely proportional to speed.

Excessive speed and tunnel effect

That is, the more kilometers per hour, the less field of vision and therefore our ability to anticipate is also reduced.

Generally speaking, a conventional driver has a field of vision of 180 degrees, a percentage that decreases as he moves faster. Thus, at 60 km / h it is 70 degrees, at 100 42 and at 150 only 18 degrees. This means that at that speed you can only see what happens in the center of the image and the sides are as if they did not exist.

The sensation is similar to that produced if we look through a hole or into a tunnel, that is to say with a reduced field of vision, something that affects safety, if for example an unforeseen obstacle appears on the side.

Speeding is one of the DGT’s priorities, because according to data handled by this body it is one of the recurring variables in traffic accidents. In fact, in the last special surveillance campaign that Traffic carried out to control it, during the past 12 to 18 July, it was detected that of 555,221 controlled vehicles, 29,301 were circulating at a speed higher than the permitted speed.

Driver’s field of vision

That is why the DGT, within its MejorMasDespacio campaign spread on social networks and with a special presence on Twitter, through an informative video reminds that driving at high speed produces the so-called tunnel effect that causes four effects on the driver:

  • It reduces the width of your visual field.
  • It reduces your ability to anticipate and react.
  • It favors the appearance of fatigue and aggressiveness.
  • Favor distractions.

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