More than 100 Cubans stranded in an airport in Greece resist returning to the island

More than 100 Cubans stranded in an airport in Greece resist returning to the island
More than 100 Cubans stranded in an airport in Greece resist returning to the island

More than 100 Cuban emigrants, including children of various ages and pregnant women, were stranded on Wednesday at the international airport on Zacinto Island, in Greece., after being detained by the authorities when they tried to continue to Italy on a trip to Spain.

We are desperate Cubans. What we are trying to do is get ahead, give these children a better future. We do not know what to do. We don’t want to hurt anyone we are people who want to work, we will not wander through the streets. We ask whoever can, organizations, to help us, “said one of the Cubans in a video posted on the Facebook group Cubans in Greece Cuba Libre.

“They don’t tell us what they are going to do with us, the only thing they tell us is we must wait for the authorities’ determination. We are afraid to return to our country. We all know the situation that Cuba is going through“he declared.

According to the migrant, they have passed “a very difficult, unsafe journey.” “I ask you to help us to share, to do something, to solve us,” he pleaded.

Several videos shared in the same Facebook group show the attempt by the authorities to evict the group. One of the Cubans, who made a direct call, said that they intended to take them by force to a bus and take them to a hotel.

The Cubans decided to sit still until they received a “positive response.”. Under the surveillance of the airport authorities, but without using any kind of force until then, they chanted phrases of “Homeland and Life” and made the symbol of freedom with their hands.

They sell us the tickets at an extreme value and in the end they do not let us fly, a lot of money wasted“said the same Cuban who broadcast.

Another young woman said: “They are doing their job, but They do not attend to us, when we go to the Spanish embassy they do not attend to us, they do not attend to us when we want to ask for refuge, there are many Cuban families in Greece stagnant “, but he reaffirmed that they do not want to return to Cuba.

In Cuba what they are doing is shooting us down, hitting us, we have no rights whatsoever. Here we are in protest and the Police do not touch us. In Cuba what they do is beat us, imprison us, what we want is to be in a safe place, protected“he claimed.

Greece has become the door for thousands of emigrants to enter the European Union. The route to that country is being used by Cubans who have found a way to reach Italy or Spain through Moscow. Russia does not request a visa from the island’s citizens, nor does Montenegro, where they can continue the very long journey.

The Cubans risk their lives on very dangerous borders such as Poland and Belarus, as was the case of the Cuban emigrants Doniel Machado Pujol and Raydel Aparicio Bringa, held there in harsh conditions at the beginning of October.

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