ASUS Republic of Gamers se asocia con ArtCenter College of Design

ASUS Republic of Gamers se asocia con ArtCenter College of Design
ASUS Republic of Gamers se asocia con ArtCenter College of Design

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) is proud to announce a collaboration with ArtCenter College of Design, with the goal of developing new possibilities for the ROG Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop and its iconic feature, the AniMe Matrix ™ lid-mounted LED display. Students and teachers from various departments will partner with ROG engineers and designers to collaborate on new possibilities for the future of AniMe Matrix.

ASUS partners with ArtCenter

ASUS previously partnered with ArtCenter College of Design, working together on the ProArt product line that focuses on professionals and content creation. During that effort, the young artists and designers at ArtCenter came up with numerous new and innovative ideas that could be implemented in future versions of existing products. This time, ROG and ArtCenter are working together to develop new functions and features for AniMe Matrix, the iconic LED system built into the ROG Zephyrus G14’s top cap. As a powerful creative tool, ROG eagerly awaits the team’s creations.

“ROG is committed to producing out-of-this-world experiences for gamers and enthusiasts around the world,” said Allen Chen, Director of the ASUS Design Center. “Currently, our goal is to further expand the AniMe Matrix potential of the Zephyrus G14. That’s why we contacted ArtCenter, which has an excellent reputation for product design and collaboration.

Interdepartmental effort

ArtCenter College of Design has recruited a team from various departments, with faculty and students from the specialties of Product Design, Media Design Internships, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, and Transportation Design, all contributing. “The project itself is quite different from most of the ones we’ve covered,” said Jeff Higashi, associate professor of product design at ArtCenter. “In my opinion, it’s like a professional internship in 14 weeks. Results should be achievable today with an insight into tomorrow’s product strategy for succession and expansion. Some internships don’t even offer this.

ROG will support the project with members of its marketing, design, R&D, and product marketing teams to assist it throughout the process. These team members will serve as mentors to the next generation artists and designers whenever they need help throughout the project.

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Students design the future of ROG

This 14-week partnership began on September 15, 2021 and will take students through three different phases. At first, the young artists will focus on building a deep understanding of the current G14 and its implementation of the AniMe Matrix. In the second phase, the team will help develop new ideas about what the G14 can be used for and possible interactions with other ROG products, as well as create new animations and experiences with the AniMe Matrix ™ LED system. Towards the end of the semester, next-generation artists and designers will focus on future applications of this technology across a broad spectrum of devices. With this holistic approach, students will be able to see the product from multiple perspectives and help create new possibilities for an existing device.

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