The union of Engineering and Medicine improves health

The union of Engineering and Medicine improves health
The union of Engineering and Medicine improves health

Pedro Manuel López, Pablo Fernández and Antonio Cobo.

After 21 years, the Hospital Engineering Congress has returned to Asturias, specifically Gijón, home of an edition irreversibly marked by the coronavirus pandemic. “This year is not another year”, stressed during the inauguration the president of the organizing committee of the seminar, Antonio Cobo placeholder image, who highlighted that Covid-19 has highlighted the need to move towards a “new era” in which synergies between healthcare and engineering prevail ”.

“The future of medicine is in the fusion with engineering. The more engineering, the more sustainability and management. In short, better health ”, stressed Cobo during his speech at the opening ceremony of a 38 Congress of Hospital Engineering that takes by motto ‘Breath’ and that during the next two days the latest developments on architectural projects, ventilation, medicinal gases and electromedical equipment will be addressed.

During the session, in which the acting president of the Spanish Association of Hospital Engineering also spoke, Pedro Manuel Lopez Redondo; and the Minister of Health of Asturias, Pablo Fernández Muñiz, Cobo has asserted that Congress is an opportunity to “honor and applaud” the professionals of Hospital Engineering, who have “given the best of themselves” with “quick solutions so that healthcare colleagues could face the pandemic.”

The speakers, during the inauguration of the Congress.

Along the same lines, Fernández Muñiz has stressed that the virus has highlighted “the progress that the everyone’s collaboration”, And has considered that the Congress will be an opportunity to“ share experiences and learning in person ”.

Engineers, “key” in the fight against Covid

“The professionals of Hospital Engineering you were key. Your direct action created the possibility of adapting, growing, modifying facilities to an unthinkable demand just weeks before, ”stressed the counselor, who pointed out that these values ​​are today just as necessary in the face of the emergence of new variants of the virus. In this sense, it has announced that this Thursday a first case of Delta Plus has already been detected in Asturian territory.

For his part, López Redondo has valued the “magnific channel of communication and dissemination of experiences and knowledge ”that constitutes the Association of Hospital Engineers, a“ fundamental element ”for“ transparency, collaboration and trust in our work ”.

Likewise, he thanked the organization of the Congress for its effort to be able to bring together again the professionals of the sector in person “watching from the corner of his eye the movements of this damned virus that has changed the world ”. “We have come a long way, but we have also had many casualties,” he pointed out.

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union Engineering Medicine improves health

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