4 Samsung phones with the November update now available

4 Samsung phones with the November update now available
4 Samsung phones with the November update now available

Samsung is already updating some of its latest phones with the November Android update.

As usual, Samsung has once again overtaken the rest of the manufacturers, and has already begun to release the Android update next month for some of your newer devices.

The Galaxy S21s are the first to receive the update, but they are not the only ones to be updated with the Android security patch next month. Over the next few days, Samsung will release the update for all its recent devices.

The entire Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

All Samsung mobiles with the November update now available

Currently, the list consists of four different devices; the three models of the Galaxy S21 family and the Samsung Galaxy A32. As the days go by, new models will be added to the list, which we will add as Samsung releases the updates.

The November update for Samsung mobiles has started rolling out from Tuesday, October 26So Samsung has gotten ahead of all the smartphone manufacturers on the market, with the exception of Google, which has already updated the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with the latest patch.

If we take into account the usual planning of Samsung, it is most likely that the models of the series Galaxy S, Galaxy Note y Galaxy Z Be the first to receive the October update. Then the more popular models of the Galaxy A series will follow.

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