Revealed the weight that ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ will occupy, which will not make our hard drives suffer

During yesterday, Activision promised all fans from ‘Call of Duty’ that the next installment in the series, ‘Vanguard’, would solve the file size problem. Or in other words, thanks to the use of “new technology of transmission of textures on demand”, the game would be able to reduce file size on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC by 30% – 50%. Today, it has been revealed when the game will occupy, and the truth is that they have not lied to us. In addition, the PS4 and Xbox One versions, even without entering that equation, will not arrive with exorbitant weights either.

Between 55 and 65 GB

As Gamingbolt reports, the size of the files has been revealed through the official ‘Call of Duty’ blog. Then we leave you with the complete list, specifying the exact weight on each platform:

PS5: 64.13 GB download / 89.84 GB required space.

PS4: 54.65 GB download / 93.12 GB required space.

Xbox Series X / S: 61 GB download / 61 GB required space.

Xbox One: 56.6 GB download / 56.6 GB required space.

On the other hand, Activision claims that gamers they will also be able to manage storage space and reduce the overall size of the game file during or after preload. Therefore, it looks like it will be possible, for example, to separate the multiplayer from the campaign. That should drastically reduce those weights, which in itself are not exaggerated.

As you can see, we still need to know the weight that the game will occupy on PC. In that sense, Activision has confirmed that “early” we will know the requirements for the compatible version. Finally, it has been revealed when will preloads be available of the game in its digital format. On PlayStation platforms, it will begin this October 29 at midnight, while on Xbox consoles, it will begin on October 29 at 06:00 in the morning (Spanish peninsular time). On PC, we’ll have to wait until November 2, although the schedules are not yet known. Remember that the game will arrive on November 5, 2021.

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