Jair Bolsonaro described the accusation of crimes against humanity for his management of the pandemic as “clowning”

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro (EFE/Joédson Alves)

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, described this Wednesday as “charade”The report of a Senate commission that accuses him of crimes against humanity and eight other crimes for his management in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s a clown”, Declared the president in an interview with the station Young pan, who nevertheless admitted that a report of this nature “causes a lot of problems”.

Bolsonaro assured that he is not concerned with his future, since the report of the parliamentary commission “it’s worth nothing“, But acknowledged that”out of Brazil the image is terrible”And it affects even the country’s economy.

There are those who believe that we have a dictatorship here, that I imprison journalists, that I curtail freedom of expression, that I killed people in the pandemic, and that influences people who want to invest in Brazil and then do not invest.”He declared.

Senator Omar Aziz speaks with Senator Renan Calheiros during the meeting of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission (REUTERS / Adriano Machado)

According to the president, “all that affects the stock market, the price of the dollar, it goes to inflation”, “hurts everyone“And is moved only by the”political interests of seven senators”, He pointed out in reference to the number of parliamentarians who approved the commission’s report, which had eleven members.

The report was approved this Tuesday and formulates harsh charges against Bolsonaro and 79 other defendants for the management of the pandemic, which in Brazil has already killed more than 606,000 people.

In the case of the head of state, he is accused of crimes against humanity, infraction of sanitary measures, medical quackery, incitement to crime, falsification of documents, irregular use of public money, prevarication, epidemic resulting in death and attacks against the dignity of office.

According to the directive of the commission, now the accusations will be presented to the ordinary courts and, in what concerns Bolsonaro, to the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Supreme Court and the International Criminal Court of The Hague, in the latter case due to the alleged crimes against humanity.

(With information from EFE)


The Senate of Brazil recommended indicting Jair Bolsonaro for “crimes against humanity” for his handling of the pandemic

YouTube suspended Bolsonaro’s channel for misinformation about the vaccine against COVID-19 and AIDS

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