Chile extends the support of its armed forces in the Southern Macrozone

Chile extends the support of its armed forces in the Southern Macrozone
Chile extends the support of its armed forces in the Southern Macrozone

The president of the the Republic of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, announced on Tuesday, October 26, the 15-day extension of the State of emergency by Serious Alteration to Public Order for the provinces of Arauco, Biobío, Malleco and Cautín.

The decree, which came into force on October 13, aims to make use of all the means and institutional capacities contemplated in the Constitution and the laws to protect security, public order and Rule of law and thus protect all the inhabitants of these territories.

“We have extended this period of Constitutional exception in order to continue with the valuable and fruitful work that our Forces of Order and Security and our Armed forces which is to return to families their right to live with greater security, with greater peace, with greater tranquility and to restore public order and Rule of law”, Declared the president from the Biobío Region, accompanied by the Minister of Interior and Public Safety, Rodrigo Delgado and the presidential delegate of Biobío, Patrick kuhn.

“It is State of emergency It allows the Armed Forces, and I want to be very clear, not to replace the work carried out by the Carabineros and the Investigative Police, but to collaborate by providing all the logistical, technological, protection, communications, transport, surveillance, and patrol support. they have done it together with our police officers ”, said the head of state.

The State of emergency It has allowed the deployment of nearly 2,000 Armed Forces personnel, as well as drones, military trucks and armored cars, as well as aerial surveillance with helicopters and planes, along with maritime inspections.

“To combat violence, we must not only combat violent activists, we must also condemn it in all its forms, at all times, in all places and in all circumstances and reject with force and clarity all those who, in one way or another, they justify it, protect it, promote it ”, emphasized the president.

According to the presidency, with this security measure for the Macrozona OnAround 800 military and mixed operations and patrols have been carried out in collaboration with the police; more than 10,000 controls, with 26 detainees, with a decrease in violent acts in the area, where arson attacks have been reduced by almost half and usurpations by 80%.

“We will not lower our arms, we will continue to fight these scourges with all the force of our will and with all the instruments that the Constitution and the law ”, concluded the president.

Photo: Jedena Araucanía.

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