The young woman who recorded the porn video spoke during an excursion in Bariloche

The young woman who recorded the porn video spoke during an excursion in Bariloche
The young woman who recorded the porn video spoke during an excursion in Bariloche

Over the weekend, a news item went viral that revealed that a couple had filmed each other having sex outdoors during an excursion to Cerro Otto in Bariloche. In the images they were shown having sex in the cable car and on the trails of the place, one of the most popular walks for tourists visiting Bariloche.

The protagonist of the video herself, a well-known porn actress named Chechu, sent a letter to the newspaper El Cordillerano de Bariloche giving details of what happened.

According to him, he works for his XXX content channel called My Bad Reputation, and said he was surprised by the attention he received for the video that he uploaded to the internet.

“I am surprised by all the attention that the video received for the number of really important problems and events that exist in Argentina. The media take advantage of these things to shake up social networks knowing how entertaining or viral they can be, over more relevant topics such as the shortcomings of the ESI Law or disseminating useful information on sexuality, for example. I think there are those who have more important stories to tell, but the media were heated by ours, “the young woman wrote.

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Added that It is curious that there is talk of outrage when previously celebrity personalities have admitted on television to having had sexual relations in public places like the Salta cable car and it was taken as one of those “hot antics” that famous people do in their daily lives.

“The article says that the videos we make are filmed in crowded places and generally outdoors. I clarify that it is the first video that is uploaded to the channel in a public place, and we were very careful when recording it. It was done in low season, waiting for the trails to close and taking care not to be seen by anyone. The rest of the videos take place in private places, “explained the porn actress.

Regarding the situation that only her face is seen and not the man, she explained that the face and the protagonist of the channel is her, Chechu, so she purposely recorded “POV” style and in selfie.

“The boy’s face can be seen in other videos uploaded to the channel if that interests you. They have also said that the video was uploaded to OnlyFans, which is false, the video can be found for free on the most popular pages” , he clarified.

At the end, the young woman invited to see the tutorial she published on how to use a condom that has already obtained more than a million views, and at the end he sent affectionate greetings to his followers: “I have a few fans in that newspaper, I send greetings to everyone!”, he concluded.


young woman recorded porn video spoke excursion Bariloche

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