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After the Nintendo Direct, now we have an interesting compilation related to one of the most prominent games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. It is effectively Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In this case, the information relates to the Nintendo Direct of the game that we saw recently. Remember that the presentation has confirmed the arrival of new free and paid in-game features for November 5.

As you know, fans are expecting outstanding news, so it’s certainly great that they can now receive this content. It is expected to be available as part of the update that day. Among them, it was confirmed a new set of neighbors.

You may be wondering which will be the rarest, and to find out, we just have to apply the species rule of the game. This works as follows:

  • The species that have the most neighbors are cat, rabbit, frog, squirrel, duck and bear, which means that, on the one hand, there is a greater probability of having a neighbor of these species, although this also means that it is more difficult to find a neighbor concrete of these species to have more variety within it. This is because when searching for neighbors on mysterious islands through Dodo Airlines, the rarity of finding someone we are looking for in New Horizons increases with the number of available villagers of their particular species; For example, finding a particular cat, such as Narcissus, is very difficult because there are many cats, while specifically finding Marina, who belongs to the species with the fewest neighbors, octopus, is easier. This is because when you arrive at a mysterious island the game first chooses between the 35 species that there are and then it chooses a neighbor within the chosen species (for example, if the game chooses the octopus species there is a 1/3 probability of let it be Marina, because there are only three neighboring octopuses).
  • In the following graph you can see the species from rarest (cats) to most common (octopuses):
  • In this way, Ariel is placed as the strangest neighbor of all, while Octoberto is placed as the most common. However, we must remember that now all of them have amiibo cards. Here you can see them with their supposed personalities:

  • The rarest neighbors are as follows (from rarest to least rare):
    • 1. Ariel
    • 2. Gold
    • 3. Ulises
    • 4. Petri
    • 5. One
    • 6. Gabino
    • 7. Yuki
    • 8. Rio
    • 9. Alexis
    • 10. Felicia
    • 11. Marlo
    • 12. Tiansheng
    • 13. Naricia
    • 14. Roswell
    • 15. Azalea
    • 16. Octoberto

What do you think? If you are interested, you can take a look at our full coverage of the title, including all the news from the presentation, at this link.



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