What products are in short supply in the world due to problems in global trade?

What products are in short supply in the world due to problems in global trade?
What products are in short supply in the world due to problems in global trade?

Consumers globally face a product shortage it stemmed from problems in international trade after the progressive economic recovery.

Complications in supply chains, which could last several months, are not the only causes as some markets are also being affected by the energy crisis and strong inflationary pressures.

One of the countries that are being most affected by the electricity crisis is China, which in turn would lead to a problem for your foreign clients and businesses.

Currently more than half of the country’s electricity comes from coal, the price of which has increased worldwide, but due to Chinese price controls these costs are not passed on to consumers. This makes Business reduce their production and some factories stop producing.

The researcher at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Michal Meidan, told BBC Mundo that the shortage in China is affecting almost all products, from paper, food, textiles and toys, even chips for iPhones.

India is another country that is suffering from its production of cars and computer chips due to high global coal prices.

But for this, with the rise in electricity prices there is also an increase in the inflation, raising the prices of basic products such as food and oil.

On the other hand, in USA face a bottleneck in US ports complicating the unloading of containers.

Experts warn that this will cause toy inventories to suffer, as will staples such as toilet paper, bottled water, clothing and pet food.

Meanwhile, other countries such as India are seeing their production of cars and computer chips

How is the situation in Latin America?

A BBC Mundo report indicates that the situation is different in each Latin American country, but several report a delay in the delivery of products and a price increase.

Prices are also more expensive due to the 500% increase in the average value of the freight of a container from China, a country from which Latin America imports a lot of its products, to countries in the region.

The biggest problems would be appearing in Electronic products such as computers, tablets or cell phones, appliances and cars.

“There is a delay in the arrival of some electronic products, household appliances, cars and many others,” Javier Díaz, executive president of the National Association of Foreign Trade of Colombia (Analdex), told the BBC.

Despite this global trend, experts from Mexico point out that they are one of the countries that do not report problems in meeting the demand.

According to Sergio Quiñonez, national vice president of the National Association of Importers and Exporters of the Mexican Republic (ANIERM), “there has been no shortage of products.”

But, Mexican importers would be affected by the price of ocean freight for containers coming from Asia to Mexico, since this has gone from US $ 2,500 per container to US $ 15,000.

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