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Updated on 10/21/2021 09:28 pm

Authorities in China canceled hundreds of flights, closed schools and deployed massive testing campaigns to contain a new COVID-19 outbreak linked to a group of tourists.

The origin of this outbreak is linked to an elderly couple who were traveling in a tourist group. They started the route in Shanghai before flying to Xi’an (center) and the provinces of Gansu and Inner Mongolia (north).

Since then, dozens of linked cases have been detected, with close contacts in at least five provinces and regions, including the capital. Beijing.

On Thursday, China’s National Health Commission reported 13 new local infections.

In China’s severe anti-virus strategy, aimed at eliminating all cases, the authorities in the affected areas carried out massive tests, closed tourist places, schools and entertainment venues, and imposed lockdowns on some housing complexes.

In some places like Lanzhou City, the capital of Gansu of four million people, residents were asked not to go out if not necessary. And if they did, it had to be with a negative test of COVID-19.

Airports in the affected regions canceled dozens of flights, according to data from the aviation website VariFlight. About 60% of flights to the main airports in Xi’an and Lanzhou were suspended.

In a communication published on Monday, the authorities of Erenhot, in Inner Mongolia, said that it was prohibited to enter or leave the city and that residents should not leave their buildings.

Source: AFP


The Minsa prepares a protocol for the application of a third dose with a committee of experts. This new immunization against COVID-19 for doctors, nurses and technicians would take place in the last week of October.



Coronavirus China outbreak COVID19 forces close schools suspend flights NNDC WORLD

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