Joel Zamora, the Gypsy of Cuba, at the International Congress of Flamencology (+ Audio)

Joel Zamora, the Gypsy of Cuba, at the International Congress of Flamencology (+ Audio)

2021-10-21 21:18:14 / [email protected] / Mireya Ojeda Cabrera

Cienfuegos, Cuba. – The III International Congress of Flamencology and Flamenco Pedagogy, called Barcelona Flamenco City, will take place this October 23 in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain, and will have the virtual presence of Joel Zamora, the Gypsy of Cuba.

For the Cienfuegos, it is a huge surprise to represent our country: “It is a joy that such a large jury from, for example, universities in Madrid, Seville and Cádiz chose my book El baile Flamenco, una vision desde Cuba”.

“The Congress will also deal with the teaching and pedagogy of flamenco, and this book is precisely about that, the teaching of flamenco, with a view from Cuba.

Our country had a lot to do with flamenco since the nineteenth century, which was in the singing cafés, tablados and taverns, it was not yet an act taken to the big theaters.

When flamenco arrived in Cuba, our José Martí, poet, essayist, playwright and journalist, had a meeting then with La Perla de Sevilla, among other great flamenco figures of the 19th century ”.

Zamora points out that already in the 20th century, tango and rumba, which have so much to do with flamenco sound, arrived in Cuba, along with sounds from Cuba born in taverns and ports, of which flamenco took over.

The number of companies that exist in Cuba, teachers and artists dedicated to flamenco stands out.

Joel Zamora, award-winning artist, is founder of the Cienfuegos Academy, directing the Professional Flamenco Dance Company in Cuba, which bears his name, and resides in this central and southern city.

He accumulates a prolific work as an author and performer, maître d ‘, choreographer, dancer, composer, arranger and singer-songwriter. He holds the title of member of the International Dance Council.

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