Pedro Castillo: disapproval of the president rises to 50%, according to Datum poll

Pedro Castillo in a meeting with the Council of Ministers. Photo: Andean Agency.

The popularity of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, it goes down and according to the last datum survey, the disapproval of the president increased by four percentage points between September (46%) and October (50%). While its approval went from 42% to 40% and Lima is the region where it presents the highest number of critics of its government with 63%.

The survey maintains that both Luis Barranzuela and Carlos Gallardo, ministers of the Interior and Education, respectively, are the ‘stones in the shoe’ of Pedro Castillo. In the first case, 62% indicate that they do not trust in the government’s fight against drug trafficking, terrorism, corruption and crime.

While the 73% of those surveyed disagreed with Gallardo, due to his membership of the National Federation of Education Workers of Peru (Fenate).

Likewise, 82% consider that Peru Libre was divided after the change of cabinet and 12% believe that they are still united. While 52% consider that Vladimir Cerrón is the one who has the power behind Castillo’s throne.


The Datum poll also asked respondents if they approve or disapprove of the work that the Congress of the Republic has been developing. 71% do not agree with the work of parliamentarians and 21% are in favor of the work of Parliament.

Regarding the appointment of Mirtha Vásquez as the new prime minister, 40% approve of his appointment, while 39% disapprove and 21% do not know.


The Minister of Justice, Hannibal Torres, informed that tomorrow they would present before the Constitutional Court (TC) the unconstitutionality claim against the law that interprets the question of trust, approved at the insistence by Congress.

“Probably tomorrow the claim of unconstitutional will be filed, the prosecutor will do it, that’s what we are working on”, explained the minister in radio Exitosa.

As explained, it corresponds that the Ministerial Cabinet meets to issue the resolution corresponding to the claim and this is sent by the attorney to the TC.

Torres reiterated that Congress cannot reform the question of trust through an ordinary law, as it has done in this case, but rather through reform and considering, in addition, the issue of the presidential vacancy to ensure an adequate balance of powers.

Therefore, he insisted on the need for Parliament to debate the draft constitutional reform presented by the Executive, which addresses both issues in parallel in favor of governability.


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