REPORT: Ubisoft deceives its workers and continues to ignore accusations

REPORT: Ubisoft deceives its workers and continues to ignore accusations
REPORT: Ubisoft deceives its workers and continues to ignore accusations

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It seems that the Activision Blizzard scandal came at a great moment for Ubisoft as the attention turned in another direction. However, while this is happening with the North American company, the French company is still deeply involved in the controversy because in addition to the reports and accusations of harassment, racism, nepotism and discrimination, information has been revealed indicating that nothing has been done to attend to these cases and not to improve the work environment.

Time passes and Ubisoft still does not address the problems in its workforce

According to an investigation by Kotaku, the work environment at Ubisoft is still in the midst of scandal and is currently experiencing a climate of sadness and disappointment at the company’s passivity regarding complaints from workers. In this regard, the report begins with the case of an ex-Ubisoft employee, named Valeria to keep her anonymity, who suffered sexual harassment and racism at Ubisoft Montreal since 2018 and who pointed out that despite making all the complaints to the company, even using the current channels that supposedly were offered for this type of case, there has been no response, no action whatsoever.

On the other hand, testimonies of 8 employees and former employees of Ubisoft are included, who indicated that the company did not do anything with their accusations. In this sense, some of these personnel refer that the initial complaint was taken and they were even asked questions about it, but after that nothing happened and there were no consequences against the aggressors.

Ubisoft workers have seen no response or action after their complaints

Likewise, other testimonies indicate that they had to insist by all means, mail, messages and telephone calls to the external company that supposedly would attend to these cases and the few who obtained a response were only notified that their complaint was not proceeding and there would be any investigation.

Part of the annoyance of the Ubisoft workers is perfectly synthesized in the following statement: “I suddenly began to understand the response that some veteran Ubisoft developers gave me when I tried to recruit them to talk about similar problems. They told me the same thing happened. every few years, they had reported such a number of things, with witnesses and evidence and nothing was done. They even told me that the person [el agresor] was promoted or transferred to another company headquarters. It’s sad, and if it’s an intentional way to bury these things, it’s working. “

Finally, the investigation shares an important detail by the director of Ubisoft Montreal, Christophe Derennes, who through an email, with a clear threatening tinge, refers to the problems of the company and its private status: “as you know, your experiences and the information they have access to while working in the studio are privileged and cannot be shared outside of the studio. Obviously, this does not prevent journalists from trying to contact you. If that happens, we ask that you send the request to our Relations Officer with the Media. It is the right thing to do, but it is also a commitment that was made under the Code of Conduct, the Anti-Leakage Policy and in his employment contract. “

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