Isspol case: US Justice asks to confiscate assets of Chérrez and Luzuriaga

Isspol case: US Justice asks to confiscate assets of Chérrez and Luzuriaga
Isspol case: US Justice asks to confiscate assets of Chérrez and Luzuriaga

The American authorities they reformulated charges against the businessman Jorge Chérrez Miño already John Luzuriaga Aguinaga, both from Ecuador, for their alleged participation in a bribery plot and washed of money involved in the pension fund of the Police Social Security Institute (Isspol).

Both Chérrez, who was an investment consultant, and Luzuriaga, who worked as Isspol’s Risk Director and was a member of the Investment Committee of said entity, face a charge of “conspiracy to commit money laundering”, according to the complaints presented in March 2021 in a federal court of the Southern District of Florida, following an investigation involving the wrong use from money of the Isspol.

In a new complaint, filed on October 14, 2021, the US justice included the confiscation of certain goods from both defendants. After being found guilty of a violation of Title 15, United States Code, both “will lose any real or personal property, involved in such crime, or any property traceable to said property,” remarks the reformulation of the charge. The prosecutors They asked for the confiscation of assets and properties for at least USD 176 million.

According to the newspaper EL Universo, the Justice Department (Prosecutor’s Office) filed eight charges against the defendants, related to alleged money laundering, bribes, promoting illegal activities and hiding illegal activities, among others.

He also mentioned violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), such as a crime against a foreign nation, specifically Ecuador, related to bribery of a public official and the “embezzlement” of public funds. These crimes They add up to a total of 70 years in jail for Chérrez and 60 years for Luzuriaga, according to the accusation that appears in the public documents of the process.

Luzuriaga, a Florida resident, was arrested on February 26, 2021 and had his first appearance in federal court on March 1, while the US authorities have issued a warrant against Chérrez, who is believed to be in Mexico.

According to the criminal complaints, between 2014 and 2020, investment consultant Chérrez paid more than USD 2.6 million in bribes a officials of the Isspol, including Luzuriaga, to whom it allegedly gave USD 1.39 million.

The goal was to obtain money of the investment business of the Isspol and in whose investment committee Luzuriaga had “influence” on the decisions. The complaints allege that Chérrez allegedly made about $ 65 million in profits as a result of the plot.

The financial advisor received Payments of the Isspol investment business in a Bank account on USA, used Florida-based companies and accounts to pay bribes and, according to the indictment, “took action to further the bribery scheme while in the Southern District of Florida.”

With the purpose of launder illegal money And putting the bribery scheme to work, Chérrez and Luzuriaga used Florida-based companies and bank accounts, including numerous US mutual fund companies in which Chérrez appeared as an officer or director.

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