Evo Morales proclaims anti-imperialism in Mexico and fights for the humble

The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales proclaimed today the need to be anti-imperialist and fight in favor of humble people, by speaking at an international seminar sponsored by the Labor Party of Mexico.

In the first working day in which more than 130 guests from some 40 countries participate, the leader of the Movement Towards Socialism-Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP) expressed that it is not enough to be pluralist and humanist, but that it is just as important to assume oneself as anti-imperialist.

He warned that the health crisis caused by Covid-19 transformed the position of the defenders of neoliberalism, since before they proposed ‘market, market, market’, and now they say ‘State, State, State’, which deserves a debate.

He indicated that unfortunately there are only two options for our nations: one, that the natural resources be controlled by the peoples through the administration of the State and two, that they be of the transnationals, which act under the concepts of capitalist plunder.

He warned that basic services such as water, electricity, telecommunications and education can be a private business in the hands of transnational companies, which is fatal for the peoples.

I come from that struggle of social movements and understanding the political situation is sometimes very difficult, but it must be understood that politics is a science of service, effort and sacrifice for the most humble people. It is necessary to do politics for the liberation, sentenced.

I also see, he said critically, that some are more in love with silver than with the country, when we have the obligation to fall in love with the country and not with silver.

He estimated, without mentioning a saint, that in South America some socialist party wins, governs and nothing changes, everything is still privatized, and he wondered how that is possible. Seminars like this one, he said, are to propose the true liberation, not only of America.

He gave as an example the experience suffered in his country after the coup, in October 2019, and the position taken by Mexico, which granted protection to him and a score of his cabinet officials.

He recalled that the plan of the empire and the Bolivian right was for the MAS-IPSP not to return to government, nor Evo to Bolivia, but now, with Luis Arce as president-elect last year, he is alive and in Bolivia, thanks to the people Mexican.

He expressed his respect and admiration for the peoples of Cuba and Venezuela, who are facing this criminal, unilateral and immoral economic blockade.

The United States only imposes economic sanctions, organizes coups and promotes racism and fascism throughout the world, he denounced.

Morales met in the afternoon, at the National Palace, with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador after his participation in the international seminar.

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