The enigmatic message of Jimena Barón: directed to Wanda Nara and China Suárez?

Jimena Barón got into the controversy between Wanda Nara and China Suárez

Almost no famous person refrained from commenting on the scandal between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, in which the China Suarez as the third in contention. And in this sense, one of the voices that was most expected to be heard was that of Jimena Baron, who so far had not spoken, perhaps due to the fact that both the businesswoman and the actress are close friends of hers and this conflict would put her at a crossroads.

However, far from staying on the sidelines, in the last hours The Cobra broke the silence and expressed himself in his account of Twitter. “Any media or person who shares shitty content based on the false innocence that he is reporting, is shit too”He wrote bluntly and, minutes later, shared another forceful message. “How little prominence they bind in the legendary show of slaughtering women”.

Jimena Barón’s tweets about the scandal between Wanda Nara and China Suárez
Jimena Barón’s tweets about the scandal between Wanda Nara and China Suárez

Although in his tweet he does not give names, everything seems to indicate that he was referring to the controversy that has been talked about since last Saturday. Faithful referent of feminism, the singer chose not to support any “side”, as other celebrities did, and preferred to throw a hint at the soccer player, who in her opinion is responsible for this scandal and, in addition, leave a message to the media who, always from their point of view, only focused on criticizing the former de Benjamin Vicuña or to the media.

It should be remembered that Barón is very close to the two protagonists of this conflict. On the one hand, he forged a great friendship with Wanda when she lived in Italy with Daniel Osvaldo, who at that time was Icardi’s partner in the Inter. Even, on some occasions, they also showed their affection publicly. For example, in May of this year they had an accomplice exchange in the networks when Wanda launched her cosmetics line in Argentina and sent a gift kit to Jimena, who thanked her through her account. Instagram, where she published different videos putting on makeup with the help of her son. The businesswoman reposted it and wrote: “Friend, I miss you. Momo, you grew so big. Everything fits you (and put the emoji of a flame of fire)”.

Upon seeing this message, Jimena Barón responded by applying her characteristic sense of humor. “Enough, friend. As soon as I can go to Paris “, he told the businesswoman who lives in the French capital. “Go looking for single players. I’ll leave Momo with you for a few days. One more, what does it do to you? “added the actress. And Wanda followed the public conversation by answering another message through the social network in which she has almost eight million followers. “Forget it, count on it, footballer (translated to Spanish: “football player”), ”She wrote next to an emoji of a wild-eyed face sticking out her tongue. And I add: “We take care of Momito with a lot of love. Prepare your bags “.

On the other hand, she is also close to Eugenia, whom she met when they were recording together Almost angels, the successful strip of Chris Morena. In that sense, in 2019 they had also had a fun and return that was public in Instagram, which occurred after Jimena shared a photo with her tail in the foreground and wrote: “If you miss my qlo is on Instagram”. Among so many compliments, the singer received a particular comment from the former protagonist of Argentina, land of love and revenge: “Will you lend it to me? Just one weekend”, He expressed adding an emoji of joined hands to ask please. Spicy, Jimena responded by hitting him with an unusual stick: “I lend it to you as much as you want. Be careful with your clothing line, it will break all your dresses because it never happens “.


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