So small, it looks like something out of a cartoon … and it’s up for auction!

So small, it looks like something out of a cartoon … and it’s up for auction!
So small, it looks like something out of a cartoon … and it’s up for auction!

At first glance it looks like a children’s car. But this Mini Shorty is the son of the 1968 Morris Mini. Here’s history!

So small it is, that It provokes just to contemplate it. This Mini Shorty, was so reduced, that it does not fit in the head that there are others of the same size. Sure, there are, but we are talking about a classic of 98.260 km to which it was applied a significant modification.

So how did the Morris Mini end up being smaller than traditional prototypes? This particular and curious Mini Shorty is based on the 1968 model. A relic that initially he wore a cream-colored bodywork.

Today, 53 years later, Morris Mini is renewed in orange tone, preserving an important feature: its roof. That for other modifications of this same model, this part has been replaced to give the Mini Shorty a convertible or convertible design.

Up for auction: ready to be adopted by a hobbyist

Since last October 20e this incredible historical piece such as the Morris Mini, went up for auction. After going through the London Mini Center in Putney, southwest of London. There it was repaired, and its body was completely reconditioned, where it left turned into a Mini Shorty.

Initially, the owner’s intention was to use the specimen as promotional car of your business. However, his owner had a change of plans, now he wants him to have a new home. Of course, with a person who can give you the use and importance it deserves.

So far this fun little car has 16 offers. The highest so far is 3,700 pounds, around 19,295,993 Colombian pesos. The auction, run by Car and Classic remains open, and goes until next time October 27 at 2:45 p.m. For those who want to give everything for the Mini Shorty.

It should be remembered that from the same Mini family and with similar transformations, there are the Specter, The Oselli Edition (tribute to David Brown), and a classic like the Super Cooper Type S. These types of restored vehicles have their public, so they are usually quite attractive to curious and collectors of the Mini.

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Maria Alejandra Villamizar Sarmiento.

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