Argentina: mechanic dies while fixing a bus – Latin America – International

Argentina: mechanic dies while fixing a bus – Latin America – International
Argentina: mechanic dies while fixing a bus – Latin America – International

Last Tuesday, October 19, a fatal accident in which a mechanical passed away after being hit by a bus while fixing it.

The terrible event took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The victim was a 42-year-old man identified as Daniel Torres, who was nicknamed ‘The Buddha’, and who worked as a workshop assistant at the Micro Ómnibus Oeste company.

According to reports, the driver, a 24-year-old, had finished his break, so he decided to start the vehicle without realizing that the mechanical I was still doing bus maintenance.

Unfortunately, the young man stepped on the accelerator and, in a matter of seconds, ran over to Daniel.

The people around him started screaming when they saw the man being crushed by the truck.

The man passed away immediately

SAME certified the death.


Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Doctors from the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME) arrived at the scene.

However, they were unable to help the victim.

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In fact, according to the local media ‘El Diario Sur’, professionals certified Daniel’s death at the scene. The man passed away immediately.

For his part, conductor He went into shock when he found out what was happening and had a nervous breakdown that had to be treated by experts.

The young man was arrested.

What will happen to the driver?

Authorities are investigating to determine whether the driver should face charges for culpable homicide.

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According to the media ‘La Nación’, the detainee is “in the 6th police station. of Monte Chingolo and the Fiscal Unit of Instruction No. 6 of Lanús / Lomas de Zamora, in charge of the prosecutor Martín Rodríguez ”.

However, two colleagues who were at the scene and witnessed the event claimed that it was a fatal accident.

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