The Rubius confirms that it will be part of the movie “Uncharted” with Tom Holland | TV and Show

During the morning of this Thursday, Sony officially released the first trailer of the film “Uncharted” starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

“There are places out there that you can’t find on maps. It is not that they have disappeared. They are lost, ”Holland is heard saying at the beginning of the two-and-a-half minute video.

The new film production will bring to life the beloved Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland already Víctor “Sully” Sullivan, who will be personified by Wahlberg.

Throughout the adventure, Nathan and Sully go in search of “The greatest treasure ever found” and, at the same time, they follow the clues that may lead to Nathan’s lost brother, Sam.

It is in this context that the Spanish-Norwegian streamer “The Rubius” He also joined the premiere and anticipated his participation in the new Sony movie through your account


“After 1 year, I can tell you that I participate in the new Tom Holland movie UnchartedLaPelicula”, he began to tell. Rubén Doblas Gundersen.

El Rubius | Twitter

“I will make a great NPC role with my granny hair“, Continued the popular streamer and then thanked the opportunity that Sony gave him.

It is understood that your role as “NPC” refers to a role of “extra” within the film and not a leading one.

Along with the announcement, Rubius also shared images where he is seen participating in the production of the film with Tom Holland.

El Rubius | Twitter

On the other hand, the streamer also commented on his experience along with Tom Holland in one of his live shows where he assured that during production they talked about “Among Us.”

The Uncharted movie will be released on February 18, 2022 and its cast will also be made up of Antonio Banderas as one of Drake’s enemies, Sophia Ali, like Chloe Frazer and Tati Grabielle like Braddock, among many others.

For its part, the management is in charge of Ruben Fleischer under a script of Art Marcum, Matt Holloway y Rafe Judkins.

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