“Love makes mistakes”: Mellado (RN) defends Rubilar

The parliamentarian affirmed that it is a “lesson learned but that can be rectified” and called for those who seek more transparency in this case to turn to the Comptroller’s Office.

The repercussions continue after the report by T13 that revealed the steps taken by the Minister Karla Rubilar with officials of the Ministry of Social Development to promote the candidacy for deputy of his partner, Christian Pino.

Regarding this case, a sector of the ruling party came out to support the Secretary of State.

Deputy Miguel Mellado (RN) He stated that “the truth is that I have great affection for Karla Rubilar. And, as they say around there, love is stronger and sometimes that love makes a mistake involuntary that, I hope, it is corrected and it is solved as soon as possible “.

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“I think It is a lesson learned but can be corrected. AND if someone wants to send the data to the Comptroller, do so and have it investigated in depth. I believe that Karla did not have an intention to take advantage of the State instance for personal benefits. So, if you want more transparency, than see it at the Comptroller’s Office “, he sentenced.

Finally, he added that “we hope that this impasse can be corrected and that they do not look where there is none. the only thing that the opposition needs is to see if the President’s birth certificate is correct, or if he married well, or if he is still single and the marriage certificate may be false. “

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