Promoters of the 15N march in Cuba: ‘Against police violence, we will respond with more civility’

Promoters of the 15N march in Cuba: ‘Against police violence, we will respond with more civility’
Promoters of the 15N march in Cuba: ‘Against police violence, we will respond with more civility’

Team members of the Archipelago citizen platform, which promotes November 15 march in CubaThey ratified that they will take to the streets that day and that they will respond “with civility and more civility” against police violence. Meanwhile, the US Government reiterated its condemnation of the Cuban regime’s attacks on peaceful demonstrations.

Cubans from Santa Clara, Havana, Cienfuegos, Holguín, among other cities, explained in a video published by the Archipelago group that On the 15N they will march in the first place for the liberation of the detainees on July 11 and of all the political prisoners in the country, for political changes through democratic and peaceful means, against violence and for the sovereignty of Cuba to be maintained..

“I am Leo Fernández Otaño, from Havana, I march on November 15 for democratic changes in Cuba, for the release of political prisoners, for respect for human rights, for non-violence. We want a nation where we all fit. We are all Archipelago“, he pointed out, in accordance with the message of David Martínez Espinosa, from Cienfuegos.

Other voices stressed that “far from what is said in the official propaganda against the Archipelago, this group does not receive or will never receive money from a foreign power or support for any invasion.”

“We do not want foreign interference, Cubans are capable of generating ideas to be able to live in a democratic and sovereign country,” they defended.

On Saturday, State Department spokesman Ned Price stated in a press release that the Government of “The United States strongly condemns the Cuban regime’s decision not to authorize peaceful protests to take place on November 15.“.

“By refusing to allow these demonstrations, the Cuban regime clearly demonstrates that it is not willing to recognize or vindicate the human rights and fundamental freedoms of Cubans“Price noted.

“The denial of the Cuban regime comes after having announced its intention to station soldiers in the streets of Cuba between November 18 and 20 to intimidate Cubans and thwart peaceful protests that had already been programmed throughout the country. These latest decisions are in addition to the repressive response to the July 11 protests that people witnessed in Cuba and in the rest of the world, “he denounced.

Finally, he said that “the United States maintains its firm commitment to the Cuban people, its right to peacefully meet and express itself, and its effort to freely choose its leaders and decide their future.”

“Cuba changed and we demand spaces for democracy”

The Cuban economist and political scientist Enix Berrio Sardá, vice president of the Council for Democratic Transition in Cuba, a platform that from the first moment made public its support for the 15N march, considered that since last July 11, when citizens took to the streets in unprecedented protests, “there is a break with the political establishment, which does not yield and he continues to confront people. “

“This has led us to consider strategies, including the civic demonstration on November 15,” he told the Uruguayan newspaper. The country.

“It is unusual to see citizens protesting in public spaces. The regime takes care of itself and does not accept demonstrations. Nothing is negotiated in Cuba. Nevertheless, On July 11, citizens took to the streets en masse with demands not only for elementary things such as food, but also demanding freedom.“he recalled.

For Berrio Sardá, “now there is a complete break with citizenship and especially young people are asking for greater freedom. Here there is no freedom of association, there are no political parties, all the media are state-run. The crisis is unstoppable, there is militarization in the streets, many political prisoners and citizens, trying to survive, do not give more and want to express themselves. “

“We know that as November 15 approaches there will be a greater military presence. There are already many restrictions. I cannot go out into the street, I am under surveillance, guarded. Whoever goes out to the street will be repressed by the public force. or, as is customary in Cuba, by civilians armed with logs who confront the so-called ‘worms’, the supposed ‘stateless’, “he lamented.

“Surely from the 10th they will start to stop us, to put the patrol cars at the door, a fierce campaign will be activated in the media calling us ‘mercenaries’, that we are ‘paid.’ It will never appear why we are claiming. We will most likely have to serve a sentence for ‘contempt’ or ‘public disorder’ for two, three or four years. But Cuba changed and we demand spaces for democracy“, said.

The Cuban economist linked the new march for the change of 15N and its promoters to “new leaderships that are not conditioned by the United States” and ruled out that they receive money or have annexationist intentions, as the regime has shouted in its official media.

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