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Mexican feminists launched the political force Todos México on Sunday in the face of the crisis of sexist violence, poverty and discrimination that the country is facing.

Associations and activists in the country presented the platform, which is not linked to any political party, on the steps of the Congress of Mexico City in the framework of the 68th anniversary of the reforms that recognized the right of Mexican women to vote.

“I want to ask you if we women really enjoy full citizenship, if we exercise our rights autonomously, with freedom, if it is already true in our times that women want to live free,” declared Yunuen Castillo Menchaca, an activist from Coahuila .

The presentation of Todos México happens while the country faces a crisis of sexist violence with more than 10 women murdered a day, according to estimates by UN Women and civil associations.

However, in the manifesto of the political force, the activists denounced that the figure is close to 20 women murdered per day.

The women also warned that the labor crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affected women due to the type of jobs they perform and the responsibility that society instills in them in the care of children and the home.

“It is urgent to meet the basic needs of millions of homes, it is imperative to reduce economic and social inequalities. For the majority of Mexican women, discrimination is experienced by the simple fact of being women, ”said Lorena Villavicencio, a former deputy.

Among the main demands of the group is the reduction of public resources allocated to political parties and the opening of citizen candidacies without restrictions.

They also called on women to organize throughout the national territory around a common agenda.

Despite the historical number of women elected in the elections of June 6, when parity was reached in the Chamber of Deputies and a record of six women won state governorships, the activists denounced that machismo persists in politics.

“Women are the majority of the population, 52 percent. However, this numerical majority is not expressed in political or economic power, we continue to be out of decision-making ”, they denounced when reading their manifesto.

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