Match summary Napoli vs Torino (1-0). GOAL

Match summary Napoli vs Torino (1-0). GOAL
Match summary Napoli vs Torino (1-0). GOAL
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Mexico City / 17.10.2021 13:05:59

Naples returned to the top of the A league adding his eighth victory in the same number of games played (1-0 win over Torino), this time with Hirving Lozano as a substitute, but when he entered he was close to scoring his goal.

When despair began to appear, at minute 81, Victor Osimhen appeared to finish off a ball that was found inside the area and thus end the journey of the celestial team, which this time it did not have the brilliance of the previous seven dates.

El Toro was a very serious opponent, tough, and took the game where he wanted, but the fuel was not enough to support the 90 minutes. Napoli insisted despite the complications until achieving that goal that returns them to the top of Calcio and relegates Milan to second place.

Lorenzo Insigne had the possibility to make the day more digestible, although missed a penalty at minute 27. A failure that hit the spirits of both clubs, as the visit redoubled efforts.

Changed the game with Chucky

Hirving Lozano entered in the 59th minute and from then on there was a more lively match for the local team, since in their first big action, at 62 ‘, put the ball into Torino’s right post with a cross shot, action that revitalized his team.

Napoli no longer took his foot off the gas until he found the goal via Victor Osimhen, who found a rebound from the area to make it 1-0, enough for them to add their eighth win in a row.


Match summary Napoli Torino GOAL

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