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Opponent sees “racism” in Borrell’s statement on elections in Venezuela

Opponent sees “racism” in Borrell’s statement on elections in Venezuela
Opponent sees “racism” in Borrell’s statement on elections in Venezuela
This content was published on October 17, 2021 – 3:47 PM

17 October 2021 – 15:47

Caracas, Oct 17 (EFE) .- The Venezuelan opposition Delsa Solórzano described this Sunday as “racist” the words of the high representative for Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (EU), Josep Borrell, who said on Friday that the elections in Venezuela are not like those in Switzerland, because “the Venezuelan regime is what it is.”

“According to Josep Borrell, as we are not Switzerland, we have fewer rights. This unhappy statement by that man not only shows that his objective is to legitimize (President Nicolás) Maduro, but that he must at least be described as racist. What he lacked was tell us ‘sudacas’, “he wrote on Twitter.

Solórzano said this when responding to a message from the former deputy of the European Parliament Beatriz Becerra, who also criticized Borrell’s words for “renouncing,” according to her, the EU’s demand that Venezuela have elections “free, transparent, credible and fair “.

The high representative of the community bloc defended on Friday the sending of an electoral observation mission to the local and regional elections on November 21 in Venezuela.

“It seems reasonable to me that there is an effort, not to support the opposition, but rather that there are guarantees so that the elections are, as much as possible, free,” the EU delegation said at a press conference at headquarters. in Washington, at the end of his two-day visit to the US capital, where he met with Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

However, “the elections in Venezuela are not like the elections in Switzerland, the Venezuelan regime is what it is, we well know,” Borrell stressed.

“Someone explain to me how it hurts the opposition and the electoral process that we send the mission that tries to observe and report if the conditions are not met,” concluded the European official, while insisting that the mission “does not legitimize ” the process.

The Spanish politician also assured that the US supports the sending of the European electoral observation mission to the elections in Venezuela.

“If the US had been against sending the electoral observation mission to Venezuela, it would have said so. There are silences that are very explicit,” Borrel said about Washington’s position on the matter, while emphasizing that it was one of the topics discussed in the meeting with his American counterpart.

On November 21, Venezuela will hold regional and local elections, in which citizens will elect the governors of 23 states that make up the country and the mayors of 335 municipalities, as well as representatives of the legislative councils. EFE

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