Cuba opens Social and Labor Observatory that will modernize public management

Cuba opens Social and Labor Observatory that will modernize public management
Cuba opens Social and Labor Observatory that will modernize public management

Havana, Oct 17 (ACN) The Social and Labor Observatory of Cuba, established as an institution to monitor the evolution of social and labor phenomena of impact on society and the Cuban economy, was inaugurated at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, in this capital.

According to the website of that portfolio, it is a territorial-based instrument that collects, processes, evaluates and produces information outputs on relevant social and labor indicators for the development and well-being of the people of the territory. where it is located and which is taxed on larger scale policies and programs (provincial, sectorial, national).

Among its functions are the monitoring of indicators, the diagnosis based on the identification of equity gaps and making proposals to solve or mitigate them and provide inputs that allow decision-making by the territorial governments, the periodic dissemination of information.

Another objective of the Social and Labor Observatory of Cuba consists of evaluating the effects and impact of projects, programs and social, labor and economic policies on the social and occupational situation and on the development of the territory, among others of a research, training and orientation.

Its structure, at the grassroots level, is made up of “territorial antennas” in the municipal Labor and Social Security directorates, who collect primary information and prepare information of interest to the territory, and are also fed by research on the social and social dimensions. produced in each territory and provide secondary information at the provincial level, and primary information at the provincial and national levels.

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Marta E. Feito Cabrera, Minister of Labor and Social Security, thanked all the people and organizations that contributed to the creation of the Observatory and highlighted that the observatories contribute to the strengthening of governmental, institutional and academic capacities at different levels for understanding and the transformation of scenarios and increase the competence and effectiveness of the design and implementation of policies.

He specified that such is the case of the social transformations that are taking place today in vulnerable communities and in the projects associated with the macroprogram, Human Development, Equity and Social Justice, which contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals as part of the 2030 Agenda .

It is of great importance, said the owner, the necessary training and preparation of the personnel who will participate in the management of the Observatory in order to improve potential and knowledge based on development.

Consuelo Vidal-Bruce, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in Cuba, also intervened through video, highlighting the importance of the Island having a Social and Labor Observatory and congratulating the Ministry for this achievement. Likewise, through technical assurance, Pedro A. Furtado, Director of the ILO Country Office for Mexico and Cuba, intervened, who in addition to extending his congratulations, highlighted the functions of the observatory in access to employment and transformation into communities and expressed the willingness to cooperate in the development of the organization.

Subsequently, Ricardo Nuñez, UNDP National Program Officer, on behalf of the UNDP Resident Representative, thanked the efforts in materializing the Observatory and how it will contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, the Articulated Platform for Territorial Development (PADIT), promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, which contributes to the Policy to promote territorial development, and supports the strengthening of capacities for territorial development, was made available to the management of the Observatory. the management of territorial development.

This Social and Labor Observatory is a sample of the effort made by Cuba to modernize public management, with the ultimate goal of benefiting citizens, he said.

For her part, Indira Galtés Galeano, Director of the Social and Labor Observatory, acknowledged the work done and the progress made despite the blockade imposed on Cuba and the epidemiological situation in the country.

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