Nothing from Carl Pei is working on a smartphone by early 2022

Nothing from Carl Pei is working on a smartphone by early 2022
Nothing from Carl Pei is working on a smartphone by early 2022

OnePlus isn’t the same as it used to be, or at least it won’t be for long. There is no denying this fact now that the former startup belonging to the BBK group has joined its sister company Oppo. The two companies have merged some of their departments and staff, and we expect Oppo to slowly absorb OnePlus. Many facts indicate this and one of the most obvious is the development of a new operating system that will combine ColorOS with OxygenOS. Even the latest OxygenOS 12 brings more ColorOS similarities than previous versions. The point is that this change was probably one of the reasons that pushed Carl Pei on another adventure with his Nothing business.

Nothing was advertised as a smart clothing, lifestyle, and product brand. However, a few times after its announcement, the company acquired Essential, the company behind the controversial Essential Phone, and its patents. The move highlighted the undeniable fact that Nothing would consider releasing a smartphone in the future. It won’t take much longer and the company is already developing a phone for launch in early 2022.

So far Nothing has only one product: the Nothing ear (1). That will change soon, and a smartphone will soon join the company’s portfolio. This is no surprise. After all, Carl Pei’s experience with OnePlus shows that it is a capable leader for a smartphone brand. Furthermore, the company’s essential patents will provide enough resources to launch its first smartphone. It’s exciting, especially for fans of the OnePlus brand of yesteryear.

Nothing could fill the void left by the old OnePlus

Another fact that corroborates the launch of the smartphone, the announcement of a strategic partnership with Qualcomm. Interestingly, OnePlus previously had a strategic partnership with the chipmaker. We don’t know if this partnership is still ongoing, as the company launched a MediaTek smartphone this year. Either way, this confirms that Nothing Smartphone will have a Snapdragon chip. The question now is whether it will be a flagship or a profitable flagship.

We believe Nothing will attempt to emulate and fill the OnePlus enthusiast-centric shoe in the flagship killer segment. After all, OnePlus has changed and has become a mainstream brand. Nothing could fill this gap by focusing on hardware, affordability, and also the skin of software.

For now, tests are lacking to indicate exactly what the Nothing Phone will be. We expect the first details to be revealed in the coming months. After all, it is almost impossible to keep secrets with the launch of new smartphones.

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