I slept little all week

I slept little all week
I slept little all week

“It is a system that has been around for a long time but this week they got out of hand,” he considered and said that Fernández’s attitude “struck a chord” as the photography in Olivos.

“There is a fear of all the fears that parents have when it is the issue of their children. So if they mention the school, the name of the school, responding to a tweet that was an opinion, your blood runs cold,” he said the artist upon entering the table of the Mirtha Legrand program.

Nik revealed that his “daughters had a very bad time” and that at the ORT school they attend “they are all worried”.

After what happened on the social network, the cartoonist said that the president sent him a personal message: “Aníbal wrote to me on WhatsApp.”

“After Aníbal’s message I was crying for two hours”, He declared and added: “I was delighted by the reaction of society.”

Meanwhile, Patricia Bullrich, former Minister of Security during the macrismo, expressed her opinion on the issue and said: “Intimidation is a small word for what happened.”

The former official stated that the actions of the head of the Security portfolio represents “a mafia method” and pointed out to the national government: “They want to silence those who think differently.”


slept week

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