“She was traumatized by her entire political life marked by failures and damage”

“She was traumatized by her entire political life marked by failures and damage”
“She was traumatized by her entire political life marked by failures and damage”

The Interior Minister, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, criticized Patricia Bullrich, after the president of the PRO slipped that Peronism “is going to have to kill Kirchnerism” in order to coexist in a democratic system.

“Patricia Bullrich she was traumatized from all her political life. Bullrich’s political life is marked not only by failures but also by damage, because he is the person who lowered our grandparents’ pensions, “he said in a dialogue with Radio Diez, adding that he was a member of” governments that murdered people. “

The official said that he has more confidence in future generations of opposition parties and “that the president of the PRO represents a minority sector.”

The former Minister of Security provided a report to the Seoul magazine where she was consulted about a possible bipartisanship between Together for Change and Peronism, where she expressed Kirchnerism has no renewal and that “in the sense of projection it is dead.”

“I am very struck by the fact that she continues to be president of the main opposition party,” added De Pedro. The national official also argued that the construction of Argentina is not possible without Peronism.

Bullrich spoke of the end of the cycle of Kirchnerism as a political force and Wado De Pedro criticized it. Photo Rolando Andrade Straciuzzi.

The minister also reflected on Bullrich’s statements and questioned the “violence” of the message. “If there is something that hurts society, the political leadership and coexistence in the community, it is these authoritarian fantasies of eliminating the adversary,” he said this Sunday.

In addition, he referred to the possibility of establishing a dialogue with the opposition, after the November 14 elections, to generate consensus, as proposed by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa.

“What has to do with the solution to the problems of the Argentines is not going to be solved with a single meeting. Our project was able to generate employment, knew and was able to generate 6 million jobs, create universities, initiate the nuclear plan, put satellites in space. It seems to me that there is knowledge that the opposition tries to ignore, ”he said.

De Pedro argued that the discussion that must be given to society should be regarding the possibility of increasing the productive capacity of Argentina. And he asked to end “Chicanas and prejudices” to be able to coexist democratically.

Finally, he referred to the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, in the middle of Martín Guzmán’s trip to Washington, which was reinforced by the presence of the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur.

“Nothing is known about the agreement with the IMF and all the effort we make to sustain the end of the pandemic. We have an objective that is to communicate, tell and show the direction that the government is taking because what one can see on television is far from being serious information regarding the problems that interest people. There is a political show and it is like that social networks moved to television, “he said.


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