the young protagonist of the frontal crash in Posadas, had 1.41 of alcohol in blood

the young protagonist of the frontal crash in Posadas, had 1.41 of alcohol in blood
the young protagonist of the frontal crash in Posadas, had 1.41 of alcohol in blood

A collision between two cars was registered this Sunday morning at the corner of the avenues; San Martín and Tambor de Tacuarí de Posadas. A 19-year-old young driver had 1.14 alcohol in his blood.

The collision occurred at 7:00 a.m., in front of a bakery located on Avenida Tacuarí. The drivers – a man and a woman – were unharmed after the violent impact, but the 19-year-old had 1.41 g / l. of alcohol in blood.

Only material damage was recorded, despite the strong collision between the two vehicles. At the scene, a Ford Fiesta, driven by Marcela Itatí I. (40 years old) and a Volkswagen UP, led by Gerardo María A. (19 years old) collided.

Personnel from the General Directorate of Criminal Police were requested, who carried out the required tasks at the scene of the accident.

In addition, the presence of the Biochemist was requested, who performed the breathalyzer test on both motorists, yielding the following result: the driver; 0.00 g / l. of alcohol in the blood, while the young man had 1.41 g / l. of alcohol in the blood, according to the police report.

The vehicles involved were seized.

A woman died after a head-on collision in Eldorado

The road accident was registered at approximately 5:00 am this Sunday, at kilometer 1538 of national route 12. As a result of the impact, a 33-year-old woman died, who was driving one of the damaged cars and the other driver, received serious injuries.

At the scene, they collided a Renault Duster Oroch truck led by a 52-year-old man and a Chevrolet Corsa car driven by Gabriela Florencia Coronel, 33, who died after the impact.

According to the first findings, both vehicles were traveling on the aforementioned artery in opposite directions and for reasons that are being investigated, they collided head-on.

For what happened, the woman lost her life while the man was rushed to the Samic Hospital in Eldorado. After consultations with the Court of Instruction 2 of this locality, the victims of the accident were kidnapped and the body was handed over to relatives for burial.

The personnel of the second police station, the Scientific Police and Road Safety and Tourism divisions, biochemist, the personnel of the National Gendarmerie and the Volunteer Firefighters of Eldorado worked at the site.

Fatal mistake in Campo Grande: a 42-year-old woman died

It happened on the morning of last Friday, at kilometer 13 of Provincial Route 8, where a woman identified as Sara Noemí Rodríguez, 42, died after misleading her with her truck.

According to official information, the victim was traveling on the road in the direction of Campo Grande – May 25 and, for reasons that are still unknown, lost control of the truck that ended up on the left shoulder.

The woman, who was traveling alone, was trapped inside the vehicle and lost her life on the spot.

The members of the local Police Station, the Women’s Police Station, the police doctor on duty, the Road Safety and Tourism divisions, and the Scientific Police of the Regional Unit XI worked at the site for rigorous expertise.

The Court of Instruction No. 2 of Oberá was informed of what happened, who ordered the kidnapping of the truck and continue with the corresponding judicial procedures.

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