Eduardo “Wado” from Pedro crossed over to Patricia Bullrich and asked that she be displaced as president of the PRO: “She was traumatized from all her political life”

The Minister of the Interior Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro crossed the president of PRO Patricia bullrich and considered that she should be removed from office. The official said that the former Security Minister “was traumatized by her entire political life, marked not only by failures but for the hurt”.

De Pedro’s harsh statements came after Bullrich stated that “Peronism can be reduced to a party that wins and loses elections and lives within a more reasonable system” but that for that the historic party would have to “Kill Kirchnerism”, a space that she considered that from her point of view “in the sense of projection is dead”.

The official, who is one of the leaders of the organization La Cámpora, mentioned Bullrich’s passage as Minister of Labor of the Alliance government: “He is the person who lowered the pensions of our grandparents, he is the person who he participated in the governments that murdered people ”. Of Pedro, he said that he trusts “much more in the future generations opposition parties ”:“ Luckily Patricia Bullrich is a minority sector ”.

With questions to Bullrich’s statements to Seoul, De Pedro considered that “if there is something that does wrong to the leadership, it is these authoritarian fantasies of eliminate adversaries ”. He spoke of a “sector of the older leadership that fantasizes that part of the victory of their ideas is to eliminate the other, the ideas of the other.” He stated that “it is not possible to build an Argentina without Peronism, without thinking about the rights of workers and without accepting diversity.”

Strong defense of the Minister of the Interior Eduardo “Wado” from Pedro to La Cámpora

The Minister of the Interior supported La Cámpora, which has a strong influence in the Government and that on Saturday held a meeting of the militancy in the former ESMA with the participation of the vice president Cristina Kirchner. Of Pedro he said: “To those who said that La Cámpora was dead and old I want to tell you not to make a political diagnosis of your wishes because you have to search every corner of Argentina. There is always a basic unit, a cultural center, companions in picnic areas, in neighborhoods, working in solidarity for the happiness of the other. The militancy is in force ”, in declarations to Radio 10.

De Pedro spoke of the existence of “prejudices” against the organization and explained that in the meetings with businessmen they tried to “tear down” these considerations: “There are many sectors that perhaps are informed about us by consultants or by third parties and always with quite a prejudiced view ”. He said that they should “begin to have a dialogue to demolish media prejudices of La Cámpora, Kirchnerism and the new generations of Peronist leaders.” He mentioned that they are “very mediated” and that this “requires a dialogue and knowledge to break down prejudices ”.


Eduardo Wado Pedro crossed Patricia Bullrich asked displaced president PRO traumatized political life

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