Alberto Fernández warned by a ruling of the Spanish justice to withdraw 34 books with an LGTBI perspective from schools

The photo that the Argentine president published with one of the books withdrawn from educational establishments

Alberto Fernández published on his social networks a photo in which he is seen standing in his office reading the book The end of the closet, by the Argentine journalist Bruno Bimbi. It is accompanied by a text in the code of consternation. He says: “Spanish justice, at the request of far-right lawyers linked to VOX, eliminated from the libraries of the schools of a city in the Valencian Community books that address and promote respect for diversity, thereby affecting the rights of the LGBT population”.

The Argentine president echoed a controversy involving the Spanish people. The Contentious Administrative Court number 1 of Castellón accepted on Friday, October 15, the precautionary measure requested by the Christian Lawyers Association: remove eleven batches composed of 34 books on topics related to LGTBI content from the libraries of eleven institutes and socio-educational centers. The donation came from the Department of Culture, Feminism and LGTBI of the Castellón City Council and had been made effective two days before within the framework of a purchase program from local businesses.

Therefore, the urgent nature of the opinion, before the books circulate through educational establishments. “Some of these books not only include sexually explicit content, but also resort to the constant scorn of religions, not only the Catholic, but also Islam, Judaism and the evangelical religion,” they stated from the Christian Lawyers Association, from where they also launched a campaign that has 11,581 signatures of support, aimed at Amparo Marco, mayor of Castellón, and called “Immediately remove these books from schools.”

The 34 books in question (Twitter @veroruiziau)

“We cannot allow the Castellón City Council to continue using our money to promote indoctrination and hatred against Christians in public schools,” said the president of the group, Polonia Castellanos, who in turn added that “the content makes a negative stereotyping of the religious fact, inciting hatred against religion and its faithful”.

Vox, the Spanish far-right party, applauded the measure of not delivering books with a gender perspectiveor in educational institutes through their social networks: “We celebrate this judicial decision that obliges the Castellón City Council to withdraw from the institutes some books that violate fundamental rights, including explicit sexual content and resort to the derision of religions such as Christianity”. For his part, Luciano Ferrer, spokesperson for Vox in the district, said: “We believe in people’s freedom, for us people come first, and that is why we demand that everyone freely choose their sexual life, without impositions nor instructions, especially when they are applied to children and adolescents.

Alberto Fernández, after highlighting the book by the Argentine journalist (“they have served me a lot to open my mind”), issued a message aimed at the advancement of libertarian political movements on a global scale: “Today it happens in Spain that the ‘libertarians’ discriminate and censor. But I want to say that I repudiate any attempt at discrimination and censorship wherever it occurs.”.

“The End of the Closet”, the book by Argentine journalist Bruno Bimbi

For his part, Bimbi responded to the Argentine president with gestures of gratitude: “Thank you very much for your solidarity, President and colleague Alberto Fernández. For me it is a pride that Argentina has a government like yours, which courageously defends the freedom, equality and rights of the LGBT population. That is also the life we ​​want ”. And he expressed his rejection through his social networks: “The end of the closet, published in six countries, talks about the life of LGBT people in the 21st century and denounces the hate speech that provokes persecution and violence around the world. Speeches like those of these fascist associations that want to censor me ”.

For its part, from the Castellón City Council they announced that they will appeal the measure and that they will not remove the boxes with the books from the educational centers to which the shipment has already arrived. “The City Council is not going to take them, pending the final decision of the judge, we do not know how long it may take. Anyway, It is an attack against freedom and equalityd ”, warned the Councilor for Culture, Verónica Ruiz, who also told the newspaper The country that donating this material “contributes to inclusion and respect for diversity, fosters tolerance and gives teachers tools to work with different sensitivities”. “We reaffirm ourselves in the acquisition and distribution of these lots of books, bought under technical criteria, because we are in a democratic and free society, where tolerance and fundamental rights must prevail, because today’s youth will be tomorrow’s adults” added.


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