Government appointed new vice ministers in Mincetur, Mininter and Minem

Government appointed new vice ministers in Mincetur, Mininter and Minem
Government appointed new vice ministers in Mincetur, Mininter and Minem

This Sunday the Government of Pedro Castillo appointed six new vice ministers in the different portfolios of the Executive. Said positions of trust have been published in the official newspaper El Peruano.


In the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, the commission conferred on Diego Sebastián Llosa Velásquez to appoint Mrs. Julia Isabel Álvarez Novoa, in the position of Vice Minister of Tourism.

Isabel Álvarez is an outstanding sociologist, researcher, cultural and business manager, who has 30 years of work in the recovery and revaluation of Peruvian cuisine, with important contributions to regional tourism.


At the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Jorge Luis Chávez Cresta was appointed to the post of vice Minister of Mines; and José Martín Dávila Pérez in the position of Vice Minister of Electricity.

Chávez Cresta is a retired military man, with the profession of a civil engineer and lawyer. He has been Minister of Defense in 2020 and was also head of the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI).

Dávila Pérez held the presidency of the Lambayeque Chapter of the College of Engineers of Peru, before his appointment. He has been a teacher and has held important positions in the electricity distribution company Electronorte.


In the Ministry of the Interior, the public position of trust of vice Minister Oscar William Gonzáles Rabanal was appointed from the Vice-Ministerial Office of Internal Order; while in charge of Vice Minister Olga Luz Chagua Timoteo was appointed from the Vice-Ministerial Office of Public Security.

Gonzáles Rabanal served in 2020 as general director of the General Directorate Against Organized Crime of the Ministry of the Interior, during the brief administration of former Minister César Gentille, in the final part of the government of former President Martín Vizcarra.

Chagua Timoteo goes from the vice-ministry of Internal Order to that of Public Security. FShe was a candidate for Congress in the April elections of this year for Somos Perú, for the Huánuco region, but was not elected. Previously, he served as provincial prosecutor of Lima Norte in the office specialized in Environmental Matters until January 2021, when he resigned for personal reasons.

Meanwhile, the resignation of the doctor Bernardo Elvis Ostos Jara was accepted, to entrust the doctor Augusto Magno Tarazona Fernández in the position of vice Minister of Benefits and Health Insurance of the Ministry of Health, as long as the owner is appointed.

Tarazona Fernández is a surgeon, specialized in infectology, who has been a consultant during the pandemic. In addition, he has been president of the Public Health Committee of the Medical College of Peru.

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