Police have two hypotheses in the murder of an American in Roatán

Police have two hypotheses in the murder of an American in Roatán
Police have two hypotheses in the murder of an American in Roatán

ROATAN, HONDURAS.- The help of the security cameras located in the area and the account of the people who accompanied the hotel entrepreneur Rick Kolinsky When his murder occurred, they helped authorities establish two strong hypotheses about the crime.

The above was confirmed by Carlos Mejia, Chief of Police in Roatán, who announced that in 72 hours they will have the first results of the investigations.

“We are working with two strong lines, we already have a specific route and we believe that these will lead us to the correct motive for the crime,” he revealed.

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To advance the process, a team from the Police Directorate of Investigations (DPI) moved from Tegucigalpa to Roatán. In addition, field agents, technicians and prosecutors were made available to streamline the investigation of the case and deliver results soon.

“We are very interested in solving this case, so we expect to have advanced results in the next 72 hours,” he said.

At the time of the crime, the American was driving his white Toyota Tundra through the West End tourist area.

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But minutes later he parked in front of a business called “Los Argentinos”, where he was intercepted by two hitmen, who shot him from a tourist-type vehicle.

According to information not yet confirmed, one of the assassination hypotheses would be due to alleged personal enmities.

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Police hypotheses murder American Roatán

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