Colombia vs. Ecuador LIVE via Caracol TV: Q1, 0-0 by Qualifiers

Colombia vs. Ecuador LIVE via Caracol TV: Q1, 0-0 by Qualifiers
Colombia vs. Ecuador LIVE via Caracol TV: Q1, 0-0 by Qualifiers

Colombia vs. Ecuador ON VIVO they face LIVE on the Caracol TV and El Canal del Fútbol signal this Thursday 14, from the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla, at 4:00 pm in Colombian and Ecuadorian time.

Colombia vs Ecuador LIVE: by Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

58 ‘Double change in Colombia

Radamel Falcao and Gustavo Cuéllar entered. Santos Borré and Uribe left.

58 ‘There is a dangerous move and the game stops

Domínguez rebound and everything happened in the Ecuadorian area. The game is paralyzed.

53 & # 39; Yellow for Estupiñán

The referee shows him the yellow for delaying the game.

Quintero rushed in again and his shot went wide.

48 & # 39; Ecuador continues with the same game idea

The ‘Tri’ determined to prevail in coffee lands.

45 & # 39; The complementary part started

The ball is rolling again in Barranquilla.

45 ‘+ 3 End of the first half!

The referee whistles the end of the first 45 minutes.

45 ‘+ 2 Ecuador seeks to play far from its goal

Ecuador wants to close the first half playing in the Colombian area.

45 & # 39; We are going to play three more minutes

The referee added three more.

Quintero was encouraged in the staff. His shot went outside.

39 ‘New arrival from Ecuador

Ospina again, safe under the three suits.

Ecuador arrived again. This time with Valencia and Ospina he got upset with his defense.

33 & # 39; Bad move by Ecuador

They wanted to make a lab move, but it didn’t work.

33′ Clear foul against Estrada

Mina got complicated and fouled. Free kick for the visit.

30 & # 39; Ecuador does not get back

Minutes pass and the ‘Tri’ continues to attack. Colombia is also looking for it.

27 & # 39; Free kick for Ecuador

The local is well defended and the backlash is armed.

24 & # 39; Domínguez sends it to the corner

Quintero’s complicated center and the visiting goal diverted it to the corner kick.

22 & # 39; Zapata had the first

Pass required for Zapata, who came to finish. Domínguez played it.

20 & # 39; We continue without goals in Barranquilla

Colombia seems to regain control of the ball.

17 ‘Long pass that was looking for Cuadrado

Cuadrado wanted to get to the ball. In the end, it will be a goal kick.

12 & # 39; The game becomes friction

For now, many fouls are being committed.

The Ecuadorian player received a hard foul and fell to the ground.

8 & # 39; Colombia responded with Cuadrado

There was a free kick and Cuadrado hit the goal. Meta Domínguez was not scared.

5 & ​​# 39; Clear the local defense

The coffee defense shines in the clearance.

5 ‘Dangerous free kick for the visit

Clear foul and Mena goes. It could be the first.

3 ‘He went out with all of Ecuador

Corner kick for the visit and Ospina avoided the first for the ‘Tri’.

1 & # 39; The game started in Barranquilla

The ball is already rolling in Colombian lands.

Teams keep warming up

Less than twenty minutes until the start of the game.

Ecuador also confirmed alignment

Gustavo Alfaro and his line-up: Domínguez; Preciado, Hincapié, Torres, Estupiñán; Mena, Gruezo, Caicedo, Caicedo, Franco; Estrada.

Confirmed lineup in Colombia

Reinaldo Rueda commands the following eleven: Ospina; Square, Mine, Cuesta, Mojica; Quintero, Barrios, Uribe, Díaz; I erased, Zapata.

Check the recommendations to enter the Metropolitan Stadium

These are the recommendations for the fans who will attend Colombia vs Ecuador.

Ecuador seeks to recover

The ‘Tri’ was surprised by Venezuela and fell 2-1. However, they remain third with 16 units.

Colombia needs to add three

Those of Reinaldo Rueda come to this match after having drawn without goals with Brazil in Barranquilla. will perform ONLINE TRANSMISSION and FOR FREE, minute by minute and latest news from Colombia vs. Ecuador, match that corresponds to the date 12 of Qualifying Qatar 2022.

The World Cup qualifying zone seems too narrow for two tricolor jerseys. Colombia and Ecuador will hold this Thursday in Barranquilla a duel to the death in the dispute for one of the direct quotas to Qatar 2022.

The coffee growers are fifth in the standings with 15 points, one less than their neighbors (Ecuador), who are third with 16 units.

Winning in front of their audience, they would leave the purgatory of the playoffs to get for the moment in the four direct places to the World Cup in the absence of six dates for the end of the Playoffs.

Colombia vs Ecuador: match history

These are the last results left by the confrontation between Colombia and Ecuador.

  • Colombia 1-0 Ecuador – America’s Cup
  • Ecuador 6-1 Colombia – Qualifying Qatar 2022
  • Colombia 1-0- Ecuador – Russia 2018 Qualifiers
  • Ecuador 0-2 Colombia – Russia 2018 Qualifiers
  • Ecuador 1-0 Colombia – Qualifiers Brazil 2014
  • Colombia 1-0 Ecuador – Qualifiers Brazil 2014

Colombia vs. Ecuador probable alignments

Colombia: David Ospina; Daniel Muñoz, Yerry Mina, Carlos Cuesta, Johan Mojica; Wilmar Barrios, Matheus Uribe, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado; Luis Díaz, Rafael Santos Borré and Falcao García.

Ecuador: Alexander Domínguez; Ayrton Preciado, Robert Arboleda, Piero Hincapié, Pervis Estupiñán; Carlos Gruezo, Moisés Caicedo, Ángel Mena, Gonzalo Plata; Enner Valencia and Michael Estrada.

Colombia Ecuador: when do they play live

The Colombian and Ecuadorian teams play TODAY, Thursday, October 14 in Barranquilla, valid for matchday 12 of the Qualifiers.

Ecuador vs. Colombia LIVE: Which channels broadcast

For Peruvian territory you can watch the game live via Movistar Deportes, while for Colombia through Caracol TV and for Ecuador through El Canal del Fútbol.

  • Colombia: Caracol and Caracol Play
  • Ecuador: The Soccer Channel, Movistar Play and Cable TV
  • Venezuela: TLT, Meridiano TV and TVES
  • Peru: Movistar Deportes and Movistar Play for Peru
  • Bolivia: COTAS TV and Tigo Sports
  • Chile: ChileVisión, Claro Video, CDF HD and CDF Stadium
  • Argentina: TyC Sports and Public TV
  • Paraguay: Tigo Sports.
  • Uruguay: VTV +
  • Brazil: EI Plus
  • México: SKY Sports (504-546)
  • United States: FITE TV (D)

Colombia Ecuador: match times

The new confrontation between the team of Reinaldo Rueda and Gustavo Alfaro will begin at 4:00 pm in the Colombian and Ecuadorian time. Follow the relationship according to your location:

  • Colombia: 4.00 p. m.
  • Ecuador: 4.00 p. m.
  • Perú: 4.00 p. m.
  • México: 4.00 p. m.
  • Bolivia: 5.00 p. m.
  • Argentina: 6.00 p. m.
  • Chile: 6.00 p. m.
  • Uruguay: 6.00 p. m.
  • Paraguay: 6.00 p. m.
  • United States (east): 5.00 pm
  • United States (Pacific): 2.00 pm

Where and how to watch Caracol TV LIVE, Colombia vs. Ecuador

The match between Colombia and Ecuador will be broadcast on the following TV channels.

  • DirecTV (132 SD/HD – 1132 HD)
  • Claro TV (106 SD – 109 HD – 1006 HD)
  • Movistar TV (105 HD – 156 SD – 816 HD – 166 y 301 E)
  • Tigo (201 HD – 7 SD – 5 SD – 30 SD)
  • HD Multiplay (10 HD – 4 HD – 42 HD)
  • Colcable (23 – 12/25 A – 12/25 A – 7 HD)
  • ETB (277 SD – 252 HD)
  • EMCALI (101)

See the Soccer Channel LIVE

You can find the Soccer Channel in the following Cable services.

  • DirecTV: 655 (SD) and 1655 (HD)
  • TV Cable: 214 (SD) y 745 (HD)
  • CNT: 3 (SD) y 777 (HD).

World Cup Qualifying Standings Table

In the previous day 12, this is how the qualifying table of positions goes towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Selection PJ Points
1st Brazil 10 28
2° Argentina 10 22
3° Ecuador 11 16
4° Uruguay 11 16
5° Colombia 11 15
6° Paraguay 11 12
7th Peru 11 11
8° Chile 11 10
9° Bolivia 11 9
10° Venezuela 11 7

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Colombia Ecuador LIVE Caracol Qualifiers

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