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The benches of Fuerza Popular, Avanza País and Renovación Popular – which jointly decided not to give the vote of confidence to Guido Bellido’s Cabinet last August – today do not close the doors to provide the investiture of the ministerial team, which he leads Mirtha Vasquez. This after the Secretary General of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, announced the division of the ruling party and his rejection of the Executive.

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Cerrón, through a statement on Twitter, said that the current Council of Ministers represents a “political turn” by the Pedro Castillo administration towards the “right-wing center” due to the presence of “caviares”. And, he added, that the congressmen who are “born” militants of Peru Libre “should” form their own caucus, remembering that the faction of teachers has its own political project.

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Congresswoman Katy Ugarte pronounces on Peru Libre and statement from Vladimir Cerrón

For the spokesman of the Popular Force bench, Hernando Guerra García, this rupture is the expression of one more “contradiction” within the government and that in a short term may affect the governance of the country. “It is an issue that concerns us all, this division can rebuild relations within Parliament,” he stressed.

Guerra García, in communication with El Comercio, said that although Fujimori was “very critical” with the Bellido Cabinet since its appointment, they will hear, “as we did before”, Vásquez’s presentation to the plenary session.

“We are going to wait for that to decide whether or not to give confidence. We do believe that the prime minister should make changes to avoid exposing herself to more problems. The main changes are in Interior [donde está Luis Barranzuela] and in Education [a cargo de Carlos Gallardo]. She has said that the Minister of the Interior was proposed by Castillo, that he review the Constitution, where it is clearly indicated that it is the Chief of the Cabinet who is proposing, “he said.

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The congressman warned, in a personal capacity, that, if Barranzuela and Gallardo remain until the presentation, “it will be difficult” for Fuerza Popular to give the vote of confidence.

A similar position is held by the spokesman for Avanza País, José Williams Zapata, who considered that the Interior and Education officials should step aside. Although he stressed that the departure of Bellido and the entry of Vásquez to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) means “greater harmony, better governance and a relationship of less friction” with the Legislature.

When asked by this newspaper if his bench, in this new scenario, would give the vote of confidence, Williams Zapata replied that it is “very premature” to say so, but stressed that they will evaluate the situation.

“The situation is changing rapidly, we are going to continue evaluating, until the day the prime minister appears in Congress,” he said.

The parliamentarian described as “positive” and “good news” that the most radical faction of Peru Libre, led by Cerrón, “is becoming isolated.”

“The further we get away from it, the better. However, Minister Vásquez must create consensus and avoid further friction, she must govern for all and not only for the left, the center or the right […] Personally, I think the benches [de la oposición] we have to be proactive and help governance, “he said.

The Data Unit of El Comercio made this projection regarding the vote of confidence of the Vásquez Cabinet. The calculation was before Cerrón’s announcement. (Infographic: Martín Hidalgo | EC Data)

“If you want to get to chaos, keep your position”

The spokesman for Renovación Popular, Jorge Montoya, affirmed that his bench will wait until the end to make a decision on the vote of confidence in the Vásquez Cabinet.

“We do not give or take away trust without analyzing, we are going to wait until the end, President Castillo must realize that he has made serious mistakes, there are three ministers who should not be there: Education, Interior and Culture. If he were smart, he would sit down with his party to talk and replace some ministers. If you want to reach chaos, stay in your position, “he remarked.

Montoya said that the celestial party has “nothing against” Vásquez, and that they will evaluate his performance in the PCM in these weeks. “From the beginning we have said that we are going to give governance to the country, the population should not suffer from political issues. The attitude of the opposition will be seen along the way, we are not radicals, we are defenders of democracy and the Constitution ”, he added.

(Photo: GEC)

The alternate spokesman for the Somos Peru-Partido Morado bench, Wilmer Elera, said that, after the break in Peru Libre, it is now “up to” the opposition to give the new Cabinet a vote of confidence.

“I am surprised by the distribution of powers, after reading that statement. Ironically, now it is up to the opposition to cast a vote of confidence. Those who will be expelled from Peru Libre to form their own caucus, it seems to me that there may be 13 who are part of the teaching profession. It gives us a legislative peace of mind, in view of the fact that we will not have so many recalcitrant [en el Congreso]”, He opined.

In dialogue with El Comercio, Elera said that a minimum agenda of “consensus” must be established between the Executive and the Legislative.

“This is a job that corresponds to Vásquez, thank goodness he is a person with dialogue and political experience. The confrontation must be left behind, this already happened when Bellido left [de la PCM]. I am sure that [desde la oposición] we will be consistent, and we will aim at governance ”, he concluded.

Congressman Carlos Anderson (Podemos Peru) said he hopes this division in Peru Libre is true, because Cerrón’s closeness to the government “hurts President Castillo and the country a lot.”

Anderson, in a personal capacity, indicated that he will not advance what his position will be regarding the vote of confidence that Vásquez will request for his Cabinet, but stressed that the opposition must remain alert.

“We hope that Mrs. Vásquez and President Castillo reach the day of the vote of confidence with a Cabinet that does not have questions about suitability issues. Nobody expects a Cabinet of the center right, because the left has won, but within that quarry there are suitable people. It is not convenient to have an Interior Minister close to corruption issues or with reluctance about drug trafficking policy. Nor do we want a Minister of Education whose sole concern is the unions, “he said.

For his part, the spokesman for Popular Action, Carlos Zeballos, indicated that his bench has not yet met to evaluate whether or not they will give the new Cabinet a vote of confidence.

“We are in the week of representation, I have not sat down to examine minister by minister, yet. We have not talked about it, “he said.

This newspaper tried to communicate with congressman Eduardo Salhuana, spokesman for the Alliance for Progress (APP), but he did not respond to our calls.

More information

The president of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, regretted that Prime Minister Vásquez announced a meeting with her for this Friday, “when there was no agreement on the date.” “What there is is our best disposition for democratic dialogue and we hope to finalize the meeting for next week,” he tweeted.

Vásquez, in a letter addressed to Alva, regretted the “misunderstanding” and asked him to schedule the meeting “as soon as possible.”


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